No Innocence In This Age.

November 28th in the Year of our Lord 2019, seemingly PERPETUAL Senator Dianne Feinstein tweeted: “Around 45 million turkeys will be eaten today at thanksgiving tables across the country. Enjoy your bird, but make sure you’re safe! You can call the USDA poultry hotline at 1-888-674-6854 with any questions. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!”

As you can see here the elites know so much more than we do. As a matter of fact, young ladies are not taught how to clean and prepare a festive turkey (how to stay safe in the kitchen.) In our short history, kitchen safety was accomplished with high school classes with names like — Home Economics (which has been done away with because of elites like Dianne Feinstein.) Ms. Feinstein is a very manly-turkey.

Enjoy your bird, Senator Feinstein. The nation has collectively flipped it and we are tired of you elites making the government our nanny. Rather than teach young ladies (in this modern age) to clean their kitchens (with bleach after preparing raw chicken or turkey,)  you instead helped create a bureaucracy which teaches them to masturbate in 1st or 2nd grade. By the time they would be old enough to understand home economics, they won’t want to do anything else but play with themselves.


This is how the left in America takes our youth away from God; they are no longer taught to find their purpose and joy in Christ but to look down at their loins for their joy. The hyper-sexualization of our youth (a long-planned goal,) was accomplished in our culture through institutions of higher learning (e.g., Margaret Meade — a national oracle on sexuality) and of course, HOLLYWOOD. More joy from California.

The powers that be in Europe (European elites) have been introducing new thoughts to the peoples of Europe for about 600 years. Something new, something different… and soon you have a war.

People are extremely ready to defend core principles they believe deeply in and as leftist, Saul Alinsky knew… satan loves rebellion. The young are cannon-fodder.

In America, the “right” has been treating the left as equal. The “left” in America resulting  from European immigration beginning in the mid 1800’s, and moving forward… have been treating the “right” as if they are European serfs. Example: The House Intelligence Committee impeachment debacle (courtesy of California Congressman Adam Schiff).

When looking at what may be our most influential state (when it comes to culture)  California… it becomes obvious that bad government will ruin a paradise. California is overrun with drug-addicted homelessness and is fast becoming a living example of corporate neoliberalism.

In California, the main adherents of this ideology are Richard C. Blum and his wife Dianne Feinstein. In 1999 the student debt in the U.S. was $90 Billion — in 2011 it had become $550 Billion.

Today, student debt in America is over $1.5 Trillion.

At the same time, this California power-couple became major investors in alternative, private educational corporations.

Richard Blum was a major contributor to the political campaigns of California Governor Gray Davis who was responsible for bankrupting that state (about the same time that the U.S. government neglected its duties to the America people by not approving an annual budget – until this day).

This was the grand plan as the elites insured the election of Barack Obama after the feckless administration of George W. Bush.

Obama tore the heart out of America and Hillary Clinton was poised to eat it.

College campuses today are filled with debt-ridden fools who have become radicalized by our enemies.

The left cries out “the right are nazis” yet it is California Congressman — Adam Schiff, who has brought the nation to the brink by trampling the Constitution. This pencil-neck leftist, (a member of the gay mafia) proceeds about in closed-door hearings as a black nazi or one of their red cousins; a communist.

The first fascist — Benito Mussolini, (we are told by those who write history) was born into an anarchist/socialist household. Naturally, Mussolini was an avowed socialist/communist (trained in Switzerland, where he and Lenin became comrades.) It was Vladimir Lenin who chastised the Italian Communist Party for allowing Mussolini out of their grasp.

In 1903 — when Mussolini was a communist organizer in Switzerland, he was arrested for advocating a violent strike and then deported back to Italy. He soon returned to Switzerland and was once again arrested in 1904 for falsifying his papers. Once again, Mussolini reentered Switzerland where he attended the University Lausanne.

There are multiple facets to Mussolini’s early life that deserve a hard look (because they point to the situation that we have today.)

  1. Margherita Sarfatti appeared to be a lifelong socialist. She met Benito Mussolini in 1910 when he became Editor of the Italian Socialist Party newspaper, Avanti — where she was the art critic. Margherita was a jew — her mother’s family were avowed socialists and her father was a financial advisor and attorney for the Venetian government.
  2. Mussolini was in the employ of William Randolph Hearst’s news organization until 1935 this would include his first 12-years as Prime Minister of Italy.
  3. Mussolini had been recruited by British intelligence. Sir Samuel Hoar recruited Mussolini in 1917 and he received 100 GBP on a weekly basis (which today is the equivalent of approximately $USD 7,000.)

The salary provided by British intelligence was large enough for Mussolini to organize the fascist movement in its infancy. Today we see the same British intelligence meddling in the affairs of the United States — not only the British but other commonwealth nations,  yet the finger is pointed at Russia which could dangerously incite a war. But truly, the powers that be in Britain and its commonwealth and of course, most of the world, cares not who makes the laws as long as they control the money.

As the world grew from telegraph to internet, news organizations have always been controlled from above.

The dissemination of leaks from the U.S. intelligence community into the news media is a  design to affect public opinion in the United States (Operation Mockingbird).

Recently and in the case of today, the intelligence community has sought to destroy a duly-elected president as they work for foreign, elite masters.

Intelligence operations are deeply thought out, and full of plausible deniability. The average American in the 20th-Century was reading Variety magazine and People magazine. Thus, our ever-changing culture fed them something new and different… every week.

Assume in the modern age, that a Deep State has always existed (or Shadow Government).

It is reasonable to assume one of the oldest religions and a nation would be affected by a deep state (or shadow government).  The Roman Catholic Church and its nation state: Vatican City.

Control of the largest christian denomination in the world would be a crown jewel for satan.

What better way to corrupt it than with the money changers? In Italy, who were the money changers? The jews in Italy — as a matter of fact, and more specifically, the Medici — jewish merchants who became popes and caused the schism which has caused the deaths of so many people all over the world “in the cause of religion.”

From the days of Alexander to the fall of the Roman Empire, the Mediterranean Sea and its sea-faring peoples spread trade throughout the region. Much wealth was developed — the barbarians to the north in Europe were disorganized states that eventually overthrew the Roman Empire. They had been brought in to the employ of the Romans (first as mercenaries and then as labor). Eventually as centuries passed, the money changers in Italy saw a new fertile field in northern Europe.

The industrial age began to dawn and the money changers headed north to take advantage of new investment opportunities as the wealth of the world again, began to increase so that they may serve their god of Mammon.

Europe and its kingdoms are so very hard to understand — who controlled what and from where and through what periods?

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 4.31.15 AM

Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto was born in Riese, Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, Austrian Empire. The town in Italy today is known as Riese Pio X. To commemorate its most famous son, Sarto became Pope Pius X and then Saint Pius X. (Like John Kasich, he was the son of the village postman.) He was the second born and carried the same name as his brother who was born a year earlier but only lived six days.

From a humble background Giuseppe studied Latin with the village priest. By 1850 he received a scholarship from the Bishop of Treviso to attend the Seminary of Padua. He completed his studies and was ordained a priest in 1858. Fulfilling his duties in every position, he eventually became an assistant at the Pontifical Throne in 1891. He was given an Episcopal consecration by Pope Leo XIII because he lacked a doctorate.

Pope Leo XIII made Sarto a Cardinal in June of 1893 and three days later — he was privately named Patriarch of Venice. The reason for the secrecy? Italy had become unified and the Patriarch of Venice a position which had been appointed by the Emperor of Austria was now coveted by the new Italian government which considered this its duty rather than the pope’s to appoint the patriarch. Eventually, Sarto assumed the position.

While Patriarch of Venice, he became friends with Amadeo Grassini — a wealthy jewish lawyer and businessman involved with the Venetian government as its lead financial attorney. Grassini would later be Knighted by Pope Pius X as Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy which commemorates the unification of Italy in 1861. (His father Marco was also a Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy).

Amadeo and his wife, Emma (Levi) Grassini, had a palace situated on Canal Grande in Venice where they raised their daughter Margherita Grassini.  (Born the 8th of April 1880, she would later be known as Margherita Sarfatti – one of Mussolini’s mistresses. Margherita was portrayed by Susan Sarandon in the movie The Cradle Will Rock, a Hollywood cocaine dream directed by her long time paramour — Tim Robbins. The movie was released in 1999 as the Clinton presidency came to a close.)


The next pope to lack a doctorate was Pope Francis (both Jesuits.)

Pius X was known to be a nationalist and took stances against the socialists but was intimate with socialists in the financial sectors of Venice. (Contrastly, Pope Francis has become known as a socialist or communist while advocating for a 1-world government and adhering to climate change). Before Pius X was pope he became valuable to the church because he endeavored to learn the intricacies of banking.

Margherita Sarfatti was a socialist who wrote fascist speeches for Benito Mussolini. This was intelligence operators at their best. All is not what it seems and the average person is at a distinct disadvantage to discern what is going on as the flood gates of media are manipulated.

Today we see the elites working towards a conflagration as they seek to depopulate the world. The elites in Europe — leading up to W W II, sought to depopulate Europe and the world and they were very successful. 120 million people experienced untimely death in the 20th Century due to worldwide conflict.

After W W II and the era of total war, the focus of warfare changed through organizations, here in America with the likes of the British influenced Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission.

The lens of media began to focus upon the safety of non-combatants… in a war zone.  New rules of engagement lead to the mental breakdown of our soldiers.

Today, Microsoft is developing goggles which are being sold as a means for our combatants to discern at a distance who is an enemy combatant and who isn’t. Just another rabbit hole for perpetual war with no total victory.

But please — view the broader picture; if our armed forces are arrayed in battle against China (who gives every appearance of the emerging threat to America,) do you think our troops would have any trouble discerning who is a combatant and who isn’t?

China’s One-Child policy has been thought out by their British masters who had sold Chinese addicts the opium, caused China the despair that ended in a communist revolution  (which today is run by the banking interests in Shanghai) after W W II.

Mao Zedong became leader of China when infant mortality was 227 per 1000 births. Mao, as the leader of the Communist Chinese Party — encouraged families to have as many children as possible. The country’s population was 540 million in 1949. Beginning in 1979 as China was open to western trade, the nation instituted a system, run by its central committee, to limit births by the required use of contraception, sterilizations and abortions. Chinese culture has always favored its male children, and as a result, China’s male to female ratio has been intentionally skewed.

It is ridiculous for us to focus on HongKong, a former British protectorate. We should be building divisions at home (any construction of a large military in America has been hamstrung and made virtually impossible by uber vaccinations, school-boy Ritalin, feminism, and a poor education run by homosexuals.)

Chinese troops will have no respect for those wanting to hand them their Safe Space, Monopoly Card. The word for foreigner in Chinese translates as foreign devil. Chinese are under no illusion. America’s ever-changing culture was pre-designed and especially targeted to our youth by British elites who controlled a world-wide dope empire (and alcohol during Prohibition) — and of course, the direction of our hallowed Rock-N-Roll hall of fame.

The premiere Buddhist monk — the 14th Dalai Lama, has become a shill for the defense establishment represented by Richard C. Blum and his wife, Dianne Feinstein.

The Chinese government is insisting on electing the 15th Dalai Lama – where will that leave the devotees to Buddhism in America?  Of course it will leave them under the wing of the Chinese Communist Party – Dianne Feinstein’s sweet spot.

Make no doubt about the Buddhists connections to democrat party. Recall in 2000 when Hillary Clinton was shaking down Hollywood elites for illegal donations (i.e., Stan Lee, Peter Paul and Aaron Tonkin) while vice president Al Gore (whose father left the U.S. Senate for the employ of Occidental — which was owned by Armand Hammer, a cohort of W. Averill Harriman — former Ambassador to Russia) was extorting the Buddhist monks in California for campaign donations, and a massage.

The horse breeders wish to create a human race that more fits their liking. They felt God was not up to the task. In our history we have the Belmont Stakes (named for August Belmont Sr. who was actually born August Schönberg. Belmont was raised by his uncle and grandmother at the German financial capital of Frankfurt am Main – in the state of Hess where the British got their Hessian mercenaries to fight us in our revolution. He apprenticed to the Rothschild banking firm and came to America via Cuba in 1837. By 1860 — prior to the American Civil War or War Between the States, he was the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee.)

Today,  the U.N. and the United States Government call Americans stakeholders — they are fixing to pull up our stakes.

The reason why war became a worldwide event in the 20th Century, is because the elites are worldwide.

Trading lanes go back to the days of Marco Polo. Today, the elites seek to build a paradise on the bones of the unfortunate (whom they view lower than chattel).

Through elites we have been made to call it sustainable development and their rallying cry throughout Europe today is climate change. They say that man is bad for the environment and yet… it is the elites of industry (industrialists) who have raped the earth. The elite seek to eliminate people worldwide who basically clamber for an existence from the crumbs of the table of the elites.

Fascism/nazism is black socialism; communism is red socialism. In America, these are the left.

The left should be made to wear their colored ribbon (cockade) instead of hiding behind their pink ribbon.

On college campuses today as in any day, it is not hard to turn college students into a mob of jungle bunnies. It is very apparent — this mob behavior is run by outside influences.

It was the same in the 1960’s when mini riots affected integrated high schools across America. During America’s integration period, the communist organizers went to work.

Black-Americans began to be integrated into all aspects of American society while their family unit was split by the government, (which created a system of social welfare.)

Today’s black culture was tailor-made by leftist-jewish radicals through Hollywood, the music industry, academia and the media. They were again made separate with a thug culture that was fed drugs imported by the Central Intelligence Agency’s deep state operators. (In the 1960’s and 70’s it was the CIA, Deep State operators who flooded California with LSD).

Dianne Feinstein’s home city of San Francisco forever changed California. San Francisco is famous for the term Shanghaied and in the 1960’s it was famous for a 4-way hit of acid. The State of California experienced immigration of disaffected youth in numbers equal to that of the dust bowl immigration of the 1930’s.

By the 1980’s cocaine had entered America in quantities never seen before and by the 1990’s — crack cocaine had taken an ugly toll upon susceptible and easily addicted members of our society.

Imagine the misery that could have been avoided if Oliver North had just come clean in the congressional hearings?

Be it as it may… if North had confessed, the leftist politicians would have used his confession for political leverage rather than fixing America.

Mike Lofgren is the man who is credited with coining the phrase “Deep State” (in an essay which accused entrenched interests in the U.S. government of a marriage to Wall Street and Silicon Valley and of running America’s defense decisions and trade policies, with little regard for the American people.)

Lofgren was a product of post-graduate history from the University of Akron, and he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship. He attended the University of Bern and the University of Basil in Switzerland. His field of study was European history and somewhere he found time to study strategy and policy curriculum at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

It was Representative John Kasich of Ohio who brought Lofgren under his wing in 1983. This would explain Lofgren’s positions — like Kasich, he’s a fiscal conservative and a social moron. When the Taxed Enough Already Party arose, Lofgren was quoted saying that the TEA Party was filled with lunatics, (that coming from a 28-year congressional staffer who started out with John Kasich.)

Lofgren soon became a favorite of the left when he retired after 28 years (in May 2011.) He has since gone on to become a regular in news media. His second book The Deep State; The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of the Shadow Government was published in January 2016. His take on the swamp on the Potomac — advocated that revolution was needed to reclaim our government and set us back on course. You can be sure that he is absolutely frightened of the Trump MAGA movement.

Many people say that the term Deep State originated in Turkey. It was used to describe a period when in the 1990’s, drug traffickers (in collusion with the Turkish military and mercenaries,) propagated a war against the Kurds. Edward Snowden uses the term Deep State to describe what we know as Senior Executive Services “SES.” Others in various think tanks consider 1871 to be the beginning of the Deep State when U.S. Civil Service was created to limit what could be called the Spoils System. More than likely, the term Deep State came from the term Shadow Government which is basically a term for a secret government. It should not be confused with Shadow Cabinet.

Shadow Cabinet is what the British have for their system of government. Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition appoints members to mirror the positions of each individual cabinet minister or official in the government.

To tell how pervasive Britain is in the world today — Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Ukraine and the United Kingdom — all have Shadow Cabinets. These positions are filled by opposition parties or minority parties. This system is convoluted and tends towards imperial government which is where the tides of change have attempted to bring the United States. (e.g.: the 17th Amendment.)

Dianne Feinstein represents the Third Way — (Mussolini’s marriage of government and business.)

California has been transformed by immigration. Initially, it was Spanish territory, and then falling to the Mexican government, it became the Bear Republic due to U.S. expansionism and finally — a U.S. state.

In 1849 California experienced enormous immigration of mostly men during the GOLD RUSH, and this may have lead to an inordinate amount of homosexual activity.

Homosexuality seemed to have affected Western Europe at a greater rate than Eastern Europe. Of course, the United States was opened up to massive immigration from Western Europe.

The immigration from Eastern Europe had an inordinate amount of left-leaning folks.

Europe has always been full of experts — before Sir Issac Newton, there was a Copernican Revolution which was not a new idea but when it was written by Nicholas Copernicus, it illustrated that the earth was the center of the universe.

Humans have argued many points of view throughout history.

About 200 years’ later, a Prussian German philosopher — Immanuel Kant, was a principal in an age called Enlightenment. His doctrine was transcendental idealism (the early San Francisco hippies were into transcendental meditation — “things in themselves”) which lead to philosophical pessimism. (Timothy LearyTurn on, tune in, drop out. Or Herbert Marcuse — a veteran of the Frankfurt School and U.S. Intelligence: Make Love, Not War.) We’ve all experienced the philosophical pessimism when so-called “enlightened” college students of the 1970’s would ask: “is the glass half-full or half-empty?” How ’bout some right-wing philosophical pessimism? Fox News is the Chick-Fil-A of news organizations.

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 4.31.27 AM

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