Frank Luntz: On The Media Swing

If we keep giving credence to Corporate Media, we will be fishing for algae like the subject here in the photo. There will be no worries of climate change though, unless the unlimited supply of algae runs out.

Frank Luntz is a star – we have so many stars today, they run the gamut. Don’t get me wrong, we need leaders, but leaders generated by the media and the supporting Fox babes with their dresses hiked up, are not what America is made of.

Beauty’s only skin deep and too much skin has been pierced and bled out into the ground. Those who bled the ground are the leaders. They show us the way – The American Way. “Like General Patton” says in the movie Americans Love A Winner.  Not the puff ups at the VFW or the democrats in the American Legion but the silent types who go about their life, providing for their family and shaking their heads. wfrvkt_8

Now some of the VFW guys are going to be angry with me but when I was a 19-year-old Corporal, a Lance Corporal under me was brought forward in a formation and awarded the Silver Star. He got this Naval version of the medal with the “Brown Water Navy” in Viet Nam. Hunter came out of the radio shack to man the forward dual 50 mount as that sailor had been killed and the boat was in danger because its Skipper was an idiot.

Hunter suppressed all fire from the shore and saved everyone on that boat. The first thing he said to me after formation was “come on, let’s go chase the dragon” to which I declined. Don’t get me wrong, I had my own problems but smoking heroin was not to be one of them.

So here we see how leaders are born. To everyone on that boat, Hunter was right next to God. Everyday Americans, like Hunter, do not fit the mold – they are not rock stars, they are not newscasters but they will do the impossible for those who ungratefully turn on their legacy.

Today’s police force needs to make use of the nightstick. The nightstick is an old crunch weapon, it breaks things and makes you think – you don’t want to do that again. It’s up close and personal which is how the posture of the Police Department in urban areas must be in the future. Not riding around in a car waiting to be given riot gear when a rabble takes to the street.

Social media is trying to paint the rabble as foreign terrorists; they’re a bunch of weak individuals and many of them are female. (We have female police now who have no business even holding a nightstick.) America is well supplied with “average Americans” like Hunter, who unassuming through life, would step into an absolute “hell” without a second thought.

There is no reason for America to be structured as it is today.

The one-eyed monster  delivers the media into their homes. Our media, our governmental nepotism, our hierarchical nepotism and a legal system which has proven itself as of today, to be absolutely worthless as it is.

Although Mr. Trump has made use of many lawyers, he has enough intelligence and enough money to use the lawyers – whereas, average people like Hunter, would be used by the lawyers.

It is so easy to see that this rabble in the street would not recognize Hunter as he walked toward them FEARLESSLY with no hint of intent in his eye. There are thousands like him who deserve a better America.

Barack Obama (ass-backward- fraud-upon-America) seeks to perpetuate more wrongs upon the country with a blanket amnesty of felons, while average Americans have what little they had left – taken.

Sidenote for Frank: While on Liberty Call in Hong Kong in 1973, my buddies and I were walking down the street (half-drunk) when we saw two long hairs across the street (which was a large boulevard). Everyone said “we gotta see that, that’s gotta be Hunter and a Cajun Marine.” It was – they just had to bust loose for a wig and feel like they belonged to the world. So Frank, you’re not alone – people like to wear hair once in a while.

But truly Frank, you’re an absolute waste. You are up there in front of everybody (looking into the one-eyed monster) yet you ain’t got one of Hunter’s hairs on your ass.

2 thoughts on “Frank Luntz: On The Media Swing

    1. I REALLY MISS, the blood “they” threw away, the land fought over and abandoned, for nothing. the repetition of inept leadership is key to understanding, why Europe is a mess and poison for us.

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