Is gab the Obama Voter?

Gab has up and down voting.  This is what the whole nation has experienced for the last 8 years under this rag head.  Philly was ground zero for voter fraud.

Up and down votes have been ruined by Obama voters – trolls on gab (the new twitter) who down vote conservatives just the same as they up voted Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections. These are the people who teach your children the electoral college is trash.

Sorry people!  America and everything we do will suffer because of these trolls among us. There has to be a forensic investigation in gab and the past 8 years of election results.

But at the moment, gab is not doing anything about it which is reminiscent of the GOP unable to challenge voter fraud, legally.  The GOP has to be dissolved and reformed to get out from underneath it.  GOP Legally Barred From Fighting Voter Fraud

The U.N. might have the internet right now but that doesn’t mean anything, Americans own all the data.

Eric Holder’s justice dismissed overt voter intimidation. His justice is blind as well as Loretta’s. The I.R.S.- as much immunity as the E.P.A. – but this is a democrat administration and so, by damn, the buck will stop right on that desk.


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