New Crimes, Old Crimes. Same Lawyers.

Have you ever wondered why FILEGATE never produced prison-time for those involved in possessing over 900 F.B.I. files? Charles (C.W.) Colson, in the Nixon Administration, had one F.B.I. file and served 7 months in prison! He is forever remembered as Nixon’s nastiest hatchet man.

If you were to read the history of C.W. Colson it becomes apparent that a new vitriol had overtaken print media. TV media also shed its Cronkite image and assumed its prosecutorial nature we have today.  Colson was portrayed as the most evil wizard in the doomed Nixon Administration. That’s good – no one died because Nixon’s nastiest hatchet man was really a born again Christian who eventually founded Prison Fellowship ministries.

FILEGATE and its 900 files were just another speed bump in the Clinton Administration.  At present, there are no Evangelical Christians founding prison ministries from the Clinton Administration… give it time.

To this day, the man most responsible for FILEGATE? –  President Clinton’s Head of White House Security (Craig Livingstone) cannot tell you (nor can anyone else in the Administration tell you) who hired him? A very sensitive post for a former bar bouncer.

Mr. Livingstone must be a bouncer with a taste for pizza as we see how this is playing out to protect a bunch of evil, dirty, politicians.

Mr. Livingstone would never admit to knowingly possessing the F.B.I. files nor would he admit to being under the direction of a former attorney on the Watergate Commission, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ms. Clinton was very familiar with backdoor software and methods of spying as she represented Jackson Stephens Company,  Systematics as lead attorney for The Rose Law Firm.

Mr. Livingstone is the perfect patsy for FILEGATE – Peter principle married to Saul Alinsky. Premier thought patterns exhibited by intelligence operators igniting a culture within the F.B.I. after Ruby Ridge with the siege at WACO. (Thank you Lon Horiuchi)

It can be said that the Justice Department under Janet Reno and Chelsea Clinton’s father, Web Hubbell, (Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court à la Bill Clinton) and number three at the Justice Department (a time-honored tradition of placing the real boss two or three steps below the figurehead) was a complete subversion of any justice we ever had.

Webster went to jail and kept his mouth shut – but his silence did not buy his life. His connections and personal memories could never come to light. Today, you see a Bill Clinton riddled with health problems, but the bet of the future, is that Web Hubbell will outlive both Bill & Hill.

A professor from the Harvard Law School was moved into the Reagan Administration. You may recall Judge Ginsburg was Reagan’s replacement nomination after Robert Bork was infamously “Borked” due to his firing of Archibald Cox (something that Ted Kennedy could not let go by – did he run that past Moscow?)

NPR’s Nina Totenberg had said Ginsburg was an irregular user of marijuana at Harvard in the 1970’s. After several appointments between the periods of 1983-1986, President Reagan appointed Douglas Ginsburg as Deputy Assistant Attorney General and later as Assistant Attorney General in the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department.

Ginsburg was very active throughout his life. He was a professor and visiting lecturer as well as visiting professor and visiting scholar. He served on advisory boards – both domestic and international.

Rod Jay Rosenstein was a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Harvard Law School (where he was an editor at Harvard Law Review) and served as a law clerk to Judge H. Douglas Ginsburg.  Judge Ginsburg happened to be on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. From Ginsburg’s lips to the face of GOD (or at least to the Supreme Court.)

Rod Jay Rosenstein joined the U.S. Department of Justice immediately after clerking for Judge Ginsburg and was led by Assistant Attorney General Robert S. Mueller III, (his boss)  in the Public Integrity section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

While Mueller and Rosenstein were in the Public Integrity section, Craig Livingstone was procuring F.B.I. files which were more important in the day because the nature of domestic spying was something new. J. Edgar Hoover always had a man who kept secrets.

Co-Counsel in the FILEGATE case, Rosenstein found no criminal activity in respect to the 900 F.B.I. files which were focused on Republican politicians and operators. They are called operators because the small business donors at RNC meetings had to speak in hush tones about the CFR’s and the Tri-Lateralists, taking over the Republican party.

No matter that the Republican operators were a warm bucket of spit – they were totally compromised.

Any similarities between the Watergate firing of Archibald Cox to the firing of James Comey can only be viewed through the PSY-OP lens. Lawyers/psychopaths.

Buyer Beware!  This is what JUSTICE looks like on the side of the road.

One thought on “New Crimes, Old Crimes. Same Lawyers.

  1. So true, so true. Great blog, because you can just follow the facts and it all comes together. So many of us up here in the North fear for the future of our county. Keep fighting!!!!!


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