You Want Division? Better Figure Out What That Adds Up To.

Everything that the left stands for – every path they have led the nation down – people get hurt, some die, but others make a profit.

The greens never wanted nuclear energy – at least not for good… so at every turn, through every legal trick and snake strike, the greens prevented America from building nuclear reactors within our nation’s borders. America should have abundant, cheap electricity; it is who and what we are.

In the past, materials for nuclear energy providers in Canada, were the number one money-maker in US/Canadian trade. The people who manufactured the tools and production devices in America still profited – but no one in America had a job providing an upgrade to our energy grid. (No seed money? Investors were not presented with an opportunity for  upgrading our antiquated energy grid as if it laid fallow.)

Oil exploration and production restricted by government entities and regulations caused a false rise in energy costs in America – so some could profit. Likewise… the Canadian nuclear facilities sold their power to America at an increased profit – so some could profit.

During the Bush years, many small machine shops in Texas which had served the oil industry were run out of business by cheap Chinese imports arriving by the crateload.

The first known solar phenomenon has been named by modern scientists an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP known as the Carrington Event). Telegraph offices experienced electrical-current difficulties (surge) that actually burnt some facilities to the ground.

Investing in the grid has become somewhat of a dead duck (like our production facilities in the US for most everything during the BushClintonBushObama era [CIA]). How did they succeed in protecting America from the construction of nuclear power plants when they sit in Canada within miles of the Great Lakes? You stupid people!

This is the cost of liberalism – here are the dire straights they have taken America by way of propaganda enhanced (MEDIA) idiotic politicians who have revealed themselves to be a thieving lot. Guam has hit the tipping point – maybe they are smarter than us?

Below: Representative Hank Johnson (GA) gives his best rendition of a scholar on Dilaudid. Big Johnson more than likely adheres to the Obama policy “print mo mony.”


These politicians have led America into its stupid phase – “please everybody line up for your trophy.”

Mayor Landrieu succeeded in pleasing segments of his population in New Orleans by dismantling Confederate memorials. Much like the Taliban in Afghanistan or ISIS in Syria, these idiots seek to erase our great past – our wonderful history and the war fighters who go by the name Americans.

The lessons learned from hurricane Katrina were ignored. Stupid politicians of every stripe, propped up by media, continue to destroy America so they can profit off of government. The young, uneducated college graduates (staffing offices of thieving politicians) dream of becoming millionaires.

As we all know – government isn’t a business, nor is it a criminal enterprise. (Geraldo and Shep – Fox News et al., when Bush got off the money, it was like a whole ‘nother Iraq).

New Orleans prepares for another flooding… (flooding as a tool for profit) is the federal government going to be on the hook for every liberal screw up? The conspiracy between liberal politicians and the liberal media and the liberal courts (and the liberal financiers) has shown its hand. Only a certain percentage of the population understands this. How powerful are the conspirators against that percentage?

Today the world is a mess for Americans because stupid people in government have been led by the nose (follow the money) by unseen hands. These criminal trading partners and banking interests now wish to eat what we have (see title!).

It’s wonderful to know that adults are now in charge of the Executive Branch and that they are backed up by patriots. (LIBERTY’S blood donors – if you will)

Now comes stupid people wishing trouble (please recall the klan supported Hillary) they should adhere to the old saw attributed to John Wayne: “life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid”


We cannot trust a nazi salute at the base of a Confederate monument. Recall – the Confederate flag was before the night riders.

Through the Shenandoah (which means daughter of the moon) liberalism infected learning institutions – a stone’s throw from Washington, D.C., (the city itself is a liberal cesspool and it protects its nest egg with laws that strip those who enter their district of guaranteed Constitutional rights – on many levels.)

Virginia – the home of great leaders and thinkers who are now reviled as if they are nazis by a left who are worse than the Taliban.

The women of the left in America and those conflicted followers they lead by the nose, bringing abortion upon our land. A cloud of iniquity. We must rise up and take this holy grail away from women like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Rodham, (and so many more not worthy of a mention) because these liberal women are worthless harlots and sluts to power. If you are pro-life then the left is pro-death.


(Pelosi: “God gives us a freewill” …..if you choose to murder then that’s your judgement”)

Now these idiots on the left want to tell us how to handle North Korea after Bill Clinton built two nuclear reactors there.

Granted, Clinton did not lack political supporters when he was president (FOB – FRIENDS OF BILL) – just goes to show you how stupid people can be. FOB is from the Arkansas days which are full of little reminders of what FOB stands for. They’re just so sweet and quaint.

Bill Clinton sold us down the river; a good economy made it look easy…and it’s funny what people will let you get away with as long as there’s money in their pocket.

In between the Clinton presidency and Hillary’s final campaign, they managed to fleece every donor and dollar they could latch onto with the pay-to-play foundational B.S.

Mr. Impeached just wouldn’t go away – his hollowed face supporting his wife at lackluster campaign events… HOPE-ing he could get some ‘mo.

The twofers – one for us and two for them.

In December 2012 – North Korea successfully launched a satellite that circles the earth today. It does not transmit any data – it just orbits.

For all sports fans – recall (2/7/16) Super Bowl 50 (“L”) Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers 24-10. As the stadium had just emptied out in San Jose, California – the 2nd successful North Korean satellite (which could also be an EMP) passed overhead.


As they stretch the nation thin with distractions of transgender, bullying (safe spaces), gun control etc.,they have snuffed out over 60 million in the womb –

and they profit from it.



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