Insider Trading? Just the tip of the iceberg.

Ice Cream with your meds? (Pizza around the corner?)

Rhode Island, the state with the highest per capita mafia per 100K in the U.S. – is at it again. State senators voted 34-3 to pass legislation this week to require the presidential and vice presidential candidates to offer up to public scrutiny, 5 year’s worth of tax returns in order to appear as a candidate for election on the state’s ballot.

This started with Richard Nixon who voluntarily released his tax returns and it went along weezin’ and geezin’ as a tradition, until Donald Trump. Just now it’s coming out that John McCain’s senior aide was able to sic the I.R.S. on the Tea Party, as if Lois Lerner didn’t have enough cheerleaders in the Obama administration and on the Democrat side of the aisle, to shut down the Tea Party. This is the DEEP STATE.

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I have actually spoken with Curt Schilling who was enticed to bring his gaming company to Rhode Island where Governor Lincoln Chaffe (followed by Governor Carcieri) had promised $75million for bringing the company to his state, then Rhode Island pulled the rug out like a Mafioso Don. This shylock governor would not come up with the pledged amount of money and caused Mr. Schilling to lose $50million of his own money.

It would be most interesting to require every member of U.S. Congress to release every single tax return since becoming a member and thus keep it up to date annually.

The Tea Party actually stood for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY! Why are the democrats fixated on taxes?  Taxes are how they enslave you! The bank has you enslaved with fiat currency and debt, and the government wants to enslave you with taxes. Personally, I wouldn’t live in a state that had state income tax. Who are these people?

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We have seen the DEEP STATE in action during the campaign for the 2016 Presidential election. James Comey — who thought he was the lawyer, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner — exonerated Hillary Clinton who had transferred top secret and classified information on multiple, unsecured, private email servers. If that wasn’t good enough for a jail term, no “NORMAL” person could possibly agree with James Comey’s illegal exoneration of Hillary Clinton. Once again, no “NORMAL” person could ever conceive of committing the same offenses and not go to jail themselves.

Had it not been for a local reporter in Phoenix, Arizona, the F.B.I. agents (who are cousins to the I.R.S. agents…”hey cuz”) would have hidden Bill Clinton’s meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch.

Before he was done, Director Comey had managed to infuriate both the right and the left in America. If the I.R.S. is part of the DEEP STATE, why do we need them and their records?(Especially if they are NOT going after the massive insider trading that occupies so much time of our U.S. Senators and Representatives). The fat cats are always good at pointing fingers.

Pope Francis has criticized the separation of illegal immigrant families at the Mexican border as immoral and contrary to Catholic values. This pope even held a mass in Ciudad Juarez for the Mexican nationals who died trying to cross the border on Feb 18, 2016. More Cubans have died trying to escape from the socialist playground in Cuba to reach the United States. Freedom is a bigger draw than a dollar shipped home by Western Union.

When the pope held his mass in Havana in September 2015, there was an enormous banner behind him of Che Guevara yet no one’s asking the pope for his tax returns. No one can see what the pope does with all the money.

Che was Fidel Castro’s competition for the title “Keeper of the Revolution.” and was from Argentina. Che was sent to Bolivia where he fell on his face.

Trivia: CIA operative Felix Rodriguez has Che’s Rolex watch in S. Florida today. It appears the workers in Florida who are here from countries south of our border and those snowbirds from New York who have become permanent residents, (and who may or may not have been an Obama voter) are interested in people getting out of President Trump’s way to allow him to lead the country and do what he said he would do.

We cannot allow congress to make us crawl on our bellies. Donald Trump has shown politicians to be abject failures with his successful year and a half in office; whereas, both parties have opposed him at every turn because he is a threat to their cushy existence. Republican leaders – Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, are the worst vaudeville act to ever grace the political stage.

Democrats remind one of the crowd that chanted for the death of Christ. Whatever the charges, they may not be the truth– death to Jesus! And in fact, they have done everything they could to remove Christ from the public conscience.

There is some good news in all this – a state on the front of illegal immigration: Florida, (which by the way has no state income tax, and the best roads in the nation,) has had a belly-full of democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Nelson just told his supporters in Pasco County, (a nice rich area, where this slimy boy could garner some high dollar donations) that his reelection chances are getting slimmer.

President Trump has made this perennial candidate of the swamp, sweat a reelection like he never has before. Governor Scott, although not as popular as say, Lawton Chiles or Bob Graham, has done a rather good job in bringing Florida together. Yes, he has been a little wobbly on gun rights only because of the left and its rabid dog media (which is a R.I.C.O. in itself). You will see all sorts of anti-gunners come out for Bill Nelson who basically has an I.Q. just above lamebrain.

Please look down the halls of congress. There are people who have been walking those halls for the last 30-40 years (or more in some cases), pumped full of silicon and botox,  ambulating along with the help of Grubb’s Pharmacy, “what are they on?”

During the Clinton administration, Grubb’s entered into a special arrangement with the U.S. Congress (Bill Clinton is a known CIA operative [who has been known to dabble in illicit drugs] – Grubbs is kind of like the arbiter of what gets compounded – kind of like how Jeff Bezos is the arbiter of what gets printed in… Washington, D.C.)

So this is the divide in America that the democrats are going to bring to stay in power. On the right you have “NORMAL” people and on the left you have NORML people. NORML people adhere to the doctrine of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Quite frankly, the politicians can’t wait to get their hands on pot so they can tax it. Pot needs to be decriminalized so that if you chose to, you could grow it in your own back yard – like an orange or an apple tree and it would be no problem. We should not let congress to get their hands on marijuana and treat it like they have tobacco over centuries in an archaic, price-setting fashion (which ultimately allowed cigarettes to become contraband currency all over the world). There is no better way to launder dirty money worldwide, than cigarettes.

This is why cigarettes cost so much in America! The politicians can act as though they are sanctimonious protectors of human life and of course, “it’s for the children.” You have to wonder where all that tobacco settlement money went. Everybody knows what crony capitalism is – this is the crony legal system.

5 thoughts on “Insider Trading? Just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. You’re spot on as usual. Great and informative read. It’s all about greed, control and power. Never for the good of the people


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