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This post will show that the banking interests of Europe which ran the Royal Families were politically maneuvering on the world stage. For all practical purposes, we can look at the elites as THE BANK.

British masters were running the fascists and communists, pitting factions against one another. In the end – it was a #WalkAway movement of the REDS in America that started the hunt by the political right where the right could be painted as Nazis and the left as communists.

It took the left 70 years to come out as socialists whereas, they have falsely been pinning “Nazi” on the right. The media had become powerful enough and were able to affect the poorly educated students (which includes some college graduates). This has come under the 60’s radicals who are wheezing to their last hurrah. They work for the British bank.

America at this point, would be better served to abolish the Federal Reserve (a foreign corporation) and clean up its banking. Do away with the likes of Barney Frank in banking. ~ Barefoot Cavalry

Nine members of Princeton’s Faculty and Staff and eight alumni have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics

We have aborted 60 million children in America under Roe versus Wade – a ruthless law, upheld by godless men who had previously done away with school prayer.

Governor Ronald  Reagan was forced (by rabid liberals who opposed everything he sought to do) to sign two laws that were very much against God and conservative principles.

Number one was gun control because of the Black Panthers’ who were armed in the streets of Oakland, California and the second was abortion (but only if the life of the mother was endangered).


During the two years while California’s law was in effect, (and before the Roe v. Wade decision) two million mothers from California and from almost every state in the Union (under the pretext of life-threatening conditions resulting from their pregnancies) sought medical professionals in California for abortions by doctors who would suck or chop the babies from their womb.

Please ask yourself how in the world The United States Supreme Court could find the  right to end a life under the Constitution?

There is an old adage “as California goes, so goes the nation.” California is a dystopian society. Will Rogers was known to say “When the Okies left Oklahoma and went to California, the average intelligence of both states went up.”

Earl Warren (best known for the Warren Commission) was governor of California but before that, he rounded up Japanese and herded them into camps. It was the Warren Court that decided for abortion.

Earl was a very ambitious man who had designs on the presidency and he was a member of The Bohemian Grove.

Richard Nixon was also a member of The Bohemian Grove and was known in later years to describe it as “fag stuff.”

Jews from Alsace

San Francisco was a unique area affected by immigration from all over the world, but specifically, Alsace jews from France — a tight-knit group, and the families intermarried.

Emancipation of these jews while in France had begun with the French Revolution. Many of these jews from France were Masons.

Freemasonry had been brought to France by the Wild Geese (a group of Irish mercenaries).

The 1st Grand Master of the French Masonic Lodge was also the Grand Master in London — Philip Wharton; a debauched individual.

The British had spies in French Freemasonry leading up to the French Revolution; therefore, intelligence handlers in Britain were able to pit faction against faction from within.

The Protestant and Catholic Freemason lodges were separate. This schism was a schism inside a schism and was used to subjugate their enemy in an Illuminati-inspired revolution.

The Illuminati sought to trample both the Catholic religion and the Protestant churches to turn the people away from religion with a worship of the state.

(France was a much larger country with a greater population than its traditional enemy).

France had thrown its military weight behind the American Revolution. Many nobles with military training emptied out of Europe and France was the conduit to America.

Britain’s foreign policy at the time, included the subjugation of large portions of the Indian sub-continent and her empire stretched the military of the small island nation.

Population reduction was a priority of British foreign policy in the 1700’s.

Fighting the French would not be good for business and so therefore, they took them down from within, only to build them up for the Napoleonic Wars.

(When Mr. Maxim was prompted to invent his machine gun, it was suggested to him at the Paris Exhibition in 1881, to invent a machine that would enable the Europeans to kills themselves faster. Population reduction is not a new idea.) 

Marc Eugene Meyer was born in Strasbourg, France which is in the Alsace Region. Marc’s grandfather — Jacob, had been under appointment to the Congress of Jewish Notables (during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte). 

Marc’s brother-in-law, Zadoc Khan, was appointed the Grand rabbi of France in 1889. (The rabbi was very active in relief efforts for Russian jews who fled Czarist purges). 

Marc Eugene Meyer eventually moved to San Francisco and would become President of Lazard Freres in the United StatesMeyer’s mother was Sephora Sophia Loeb. 

In 1867 Marc married Harriet Newmark whose father, Joseph Newmark, had founded Wilshire Boulevard Temple — Los Angeles, California’s first synagogue.

(Solomon Lazard – founder of the banking firm Lazard Frerers was Marc’s brother-in-law. Harriet’s brother, Meyer J. Newmark, was a city attorney in Los Angeles and very active in government affairs of the city).

Marc and Harriet had eight children. Two of their daughters married into the Stern family who were nephews of Levi Strauss. Another daughter married George BlumenthalBlumenthal was born to a jewish family in Frankfurt am Main (Hessian mercenaries).

George Blumenthal worked for Speyer & Company which sent him to the United States, as a foreign exchange banker. He rose to become head of Lazard Freres in the United States.

There were other Meyer children who married into mercantile families associated with Sachs 5th Avenue and Rheingold Beer. Another son carried his grandfather’s name – Eugene Issac Meyer, born October 31, 1875.

Well aware of the oppression of jews in Europe, Marc had impressed upon his children  — that to survive in America, it might be better for them not to wear their religion on their sleeve.

After dropping out of U.C. Berkeley, Eugene attended Yale University receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1895. Since Eugene’s father (Marc) was a partner at Lazard Freres, he immediately went to work for the firm and within five-years had set out on his own, becoming extraordinarily successful. Within 10-years, he owned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

Eugene married a Lutheran college girl of German descent — Agnes Elizabeth Ernst, who did not have much of a dowry to bring to the marriage other than her (and her father’s) debt.

The Meyers had five children. The children were raised in their early years by a nanny and governess in New York while Eugene was involved with the War Industries Board where his wife joined him in Washington, D.C..

In 1915, two years before his daughter Katharine was born, Eugene Issac Meyer was worth $40million (by the age of 40). In 2018 dollars that would be close to $976,333,000.

Eugene became head of the War Finance Corporation and after the end of hostilities, Calvin Coolidge appointed him Chairman of the Federal Farm Loan Board in 1927 — established by the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916

 (the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916 was to increase credit to rural family farmers through the creation of twelve regional banks, and a number of farm loan associations).

Eugene was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in 1930.

Mr. Meyer resigned in 1933, after a speech by Congressman Louis McFadden who accused the Federal Reserve of causing the economic crash and Depression of 1929.

One month later — in June of 1933, Meyer bought the Washington Post at a bankruptcy auction for $825,000.00 (about $15million in 2018 dollars).

When Meyer was 70-years-old he was appointed the 1st President of the World Bank by Harry S. Truman in 1946.

Meyer served for six-months, (returning to the Washington Post as its Chairman) and was replaced by John J. McCloy the 2nd President of the World Bank (a Philadelphia boy who was actually born John Snader McCloy – his mother’s maiden name).

The Eastern Establishment

McCloy had commanded an artillery battery which saw action in the last weeks’ of the war (WWI). (This may have endeared him to President Truman.) It appears McCloy was someone’s golden boy. He was promoted to Captain while performing duties in Trier Germany, near the border of Luxembourg after hostilities.

McCloy proved himself to be an average student (but he knew how to play tennis) yet after graduating from Harvard, McCloy became an associate at Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft — New York City’s oldest law firm.

Here we see by 1934, McCloy being fed evidence which resulted in legal action for damages against Germany for an explosion in Jersey City, New Jersey on July 30, 1916.

Evidence showed German involvement (espionage/sabotage) to destroy stock-piled munitions (duPont?) to prevent them from reaching Europe prior to the U.S. entry into WW I.

While on Wall Street – McCloy worked for I.G. Farben — a German chemical company formed in 1925, associated with the Zyklon B.gas used in concentration camps.

McCloy was another one heavily involved in the forcible removal of Japanese Americans from their homes in California.

McCloy served on the Warren Commission. He was also mentioned as one of the Wise Men, a book published in 1986 by Simon and Schuster “The Wise Men.”  Charles E. Bohlen was mentioned as well.

In the book there are four others mentioned; five of the six were in the so-called “Georgetown Set.” Averell Harriman and Robert A. Lovett were Skull and Bonesmen, Dean Acheson although not Skull and Bones at Yale was a member of another secret society – Scroll and Key.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.10.40 AM

Prescott Bush, a Skull and Bonesman from Yale, (the father and grandfather of two U.S Presidents) had become known as an agitator against the Constitution — revealed as such by Smedley Butler in what became known as The Business Plot. (Smedley Butler was a recipient of two Medal of Honor awards).

The McCormack-Dickstein Committee was informed by Butler of The Plot. (The Committee eventually became The House Committee on Un-American Activities “HUAC.”)

The Committee investigated The Business Plot. The testimonies before the committee were given behind closed-doors and fit into four boxes which are stored at The National Archives in Washington, D.C..The only figure to testify in front of the committee (for his involvement in The Plot) was one Gerald C. MacGuire.

None of America’s powerful men named in The Plot (from the corporate and banking world,) were questioned.

Along with Butler — James Van Zandt, The National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) (who had been touring the U.S. with Butler to increase membership in the VFW) testified that he had been approached as well by these same wealthy individuals.

Samuel Dickstein was born to a jewish family in Russia-occupied Vilnius Lithuania. The Dickstein family had immigrated to New York City.

Samuel was a democrat politician in the Tammany Hall mold. He had knocked off Meyer London, another Lithuanian Jew who was the second socialist elected to congress in 1914.

Dickstein did not become a member of HUAC – possibly because he was considered obnoxious and a grandstander by his contemporaries.

After leaving congress Dickstein became a Justice on the New York State Supreme Court and died in New York City in 1954.

Forty-five years later – KGB documents made available to researchers showed Dickstein to be a Soviet spy in the Halls of Congress. He was in it for the money and his code name translates to Crook.

Van Zandt would later become a congressman from Pennsylvania.

(When the Puerto Rican nationalists shot up the House of Representatives on March 1st, 1954, Van Zandt tackled one of the shooters. Van Zandt was 56-years-old at that time. He did not appear to be anything other than a brave American).

In 1959 before the end of his congressional career, Van Zandt retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve as a Rear Admiral and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Business Plot was portrayed as a gigantic hoax in the news, with The New York Times taking the lead. Butler and Van Zandt do not appear to be practical jokers in any way, shape or form. These were very serious men.

MacGuire died at a young age, shortly after testimony and was apparently poisoned.

You must remember — this was the age when Congressmen Louis McFadden from Pennsylvania had experienced numerous assassination attempts and was eventually poisoned at a political banquet in Washington, D.C.

McFadden was no longer a congressman (because the money boys had made sure he lost his race). The food service guys made sure he lost his life. If you think this is conspiracy theory, then you need serious psychological help. (You have a condition).

Smedley Butler’s sometimes secretary was Paul Comly French who worked for The New York Post and The Philadelphia Record which may have contributed to the harsh tone of the Times reporting on The Business Plot because it was the competition that broke the story.

In reality, we can see print media is controlled by money – it doesn’t matter if it’s moneyed individuals or a government agency with a black budget (or an agency that takes tax dollars and moonlights as if it were a mob).

The New York Times in the last 71 years has never been anything but a C.I.A.- controlled news organization.

Under Operation Mockingbird in the 1950′-60’s, newsprint in America was anti-communist; today, we can only wonder what the code word is for this operation they are running on us.

Mainstream Media today spew from journalism schools and rejects from presidential administrations are pro-communist talking-heads, produced with a liberal slant which is C.I.A. approved.

Prior to WW II — The New York Times was doing the bidding of the Wall Street Banking community, and painted the Soviet Union as a Socialist Worker’s Paradise, carrying water all the way through Stalin’s purge (which was an epic bloodbath).

The Prescott Bush gang foisted Earl Warren and Richard Nixon upon the United States of America. Oil money flooded politics in those days and especially from Texas.

These intelligence types never had the Constitution in their hearts.

The Yale gang at the Central Intelligence Agency was very much involved with big oil and its money. George de Morhenschildt — who was associated with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the JFK assassination, went to work for Humboldt Oil, which was partially owned by Standard Oil.

As America entered WW II — de Morhenschildt moved to Venezuela and went to work for an oil company owned by William F. Buckley’s family. Pantepec Oil Company was founded in 1913 by William Frank Buckley Sr. and was based in Tampico, Mexico. In 1914, Smedley Butler participated with U.S. Troops in occupied Veracruz.

“I helped make Mexico especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914″ ~ Smedley Butler

In 1921, The Mexican government expelled Buckley Sr., and he moved his oil company to Venezuela.

Returning to the U.S., after working in Venezuelade Morhenschildt was very much involved in investments in oil production and he moved to Dallas where he worked for Clint Murchison.

George Herbert Walker Bush, Prescott’s son — was the youngest Naval aviator in WW II. After the war he attended Yale, where he became a member of Skull and Bones like his father.

In 1951 with the help of his maternal uncle, Herbert Walker, Wall Street investors got involved and “poppy” was off and running in the oil business. Thomas J. Devine took leave from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1953 to join “poppy,” Bill and Hugh Liedtke and John Overbey to form Zapata Petroleum Corporation. Once again, the family circle of friends came together.

In 1954 they formed a subsidiary of Zapata Oil — this time the start-up money came from Eugene Meyer and his son-in-law, Phil Graham.

When Earl Warren made up his mind to run for president in 1952, he sought the support of Richard Nixon but the east coast establishment impressed upon Eisenhower to pick Nixon for his vice president and Nixon accepted (even though he had promised to support Earl Warren). To appease Earl’s bruised ego, Eisenhower promised Warren the next appointment to the Supreme Court. 

What we see here are two politicians being run by the same elites. Nixon was coached and Warren was coached, the people running each politician knew the innermost thoughts of each man, and were able to influence them to make decisions that would make them either allies or enemies.

Earl Warren was forever bitter towards Nixon and he was the first one to publicly call him a “crook.”

Lo and behold, Frederick Moore Vinson, The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – (63-years-old) died unexpectedly of a heart attack while in office so that Earl Warren could fill his shoes.

It is quite clear here that political parties check their coats before they enter The Bohemian Grove.

This “gang” dismantled our society on many levels with Earl Warren and Richard Nixon.

The Business Plot and Watergate have one common denominator: Prescott Bush (who died shortly after the Watergate break-in).

The intelligence types tore down America with Watergate while they destroyed our moral society with abortion and sought to worship their god rather than the God who bestowed our rights under the Constitution.

Spy versus Spy

Bohemian Grove was where the Manhattan Project (and the subsequent atomic bomb) was first hatched.

Mark Oliphant came to America dangling Airborne Radar Technology as a trade for the U.S. to embark on a nuclear program to build the bomb.

Ernest Lawrence invited Mark Oliphant to Bohemian Grove.

There are all sorts of anecdotes sprinkled throughout this blog site for instance – Albert Einstein liked to gamble so it was made possible that he was able to gamble with the likes of the Greek.

Another would be – that the intellectuals of Princeton sought to profit from nuclear energy and brought in Reinhold Niebuhr to translate into German and Edward Hirsch Levi to help with the legal aspects.

As we can see, this went nowhere because these intellectuals did not truly understand – it was the money people who run the world.

These intellectuals had been gathered at Princeton under the auspices of a new era in human events.

Mr. Bamberger and his sister Caroline Bamberger-Fuld had managed to save their money before the 1929 economic collapse (brought about by the people who run the people at Bohemian Grove).

The Bamburgers founded The Institute For Advanced Study “IAS” as Europe emptied out ahead of the 2nd World War. If you can see chess being played here, realize the level of intelligence is somewhere around President Trump’s level or that of Jeff Bezos.

Bezos is another product of Princeton. He was at the right place at the right time.

The junction of the computer tips its hat to John von Neumann, who was one of the German-speaking scientists to seek monetary rights to nuclear energy with patents. John von Neumann died of pancreatic cancer. Vladimir Putin may not have been the first person to poison perceived enemies with radioactive elements.

Teaming up with von Neumann on the patents was Klaus Fuchs who was convicted of supplying information to the Soviet Union during and shortly after WWII. (Fuchs also passed information on The Manhattan Project to British scientists and those records are sealed to this day.) Von Neumann’s and Fuchs’ patents are secret to this day.

Fuchs was in prison in Great Britain for 9 years and eventually made his home in East Germany where he died in 1988 at the age of 76.It is plain that Fuchs’ information had tipped off Stalin prior to his meeting with Truman at the Potsdam Conference in 1945.

The courier who the Soviets used in and around The Manhattan Project was born in Bern SwitzerlandHarry Golodnitsky moved to the United States with his family when he was four years old. They settled in Chicago — a socialist/communist hotbed where the Rockefellers founded The University of Chicago.

Coming from a poor-immigrant jewish family — Harry experienced great sorrow growing up. He experienced the resentment of working-class America to the political nature of immigrant jews who had settled in America with radical tendencies.

Many socialist, anarchist and communist thinkers in Europe were jews. Zionism was a socialist movement. Example – the Kibbutz “collective community.”

Moving from Chicago to Philadelphia, PA., the Golodnitsky family had changed its name to Gold. Harry Gold’s father became a cabinet-maker in Camden New Jersey for the Victor Talking Machine Company.

The Victor Company “His Master’s Voice” trademark today is split between JVC, RCA and HMV in Japan and the U.S. and the United Kingdom respectively.

In 1926 the company founder — Eldridge R. Johnson, sold his controlling interest to the banking firm of Seligman (Seligmann) and Speyer.

The banking firm sold Victor Company to the Radio Corporation of America in 1929.

By 1929, Harry Gold was a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania (member of the Quaker consortium).


These German families are very interesting – the Speyers were once richer than the Rothschilds. Both the Seligmans and the Speyers raised large sums of money for the U.S. Federal Government during and after the Civil War. They were involved in the railroad expansion with the likes of August Belmont and Kuhn and Loeb, and all of them were very active raising money.

Financial difficulties caused Gold to withdraw from the University of Pennsylvania and he was cultivated by friends to join the Communist Party of the United States of America “CPUSA.” At first he resisted these overtures.

As events in the world ramped up to the Second World War, the economic turmoil of the Great Depression caused many to gravitate to communism/socialism and also, to fascism/socialism as American workers lost faith in capitalism.

Many were not sophisticated enough to determine that it was the banking interests that ran the Federal Reserve which had caused The Depression and were at the same time, lining up under their brand of socialism which was fascist in nature.

Many thinkers in England had determined that socialism was the answer for the world, especially their banking-house which ran the Federal Reserve (a foreign corporation).

The desperate conditions of Gold’s family during the Depression years made him appreciate the cash gifts that were bestowed upon him by communist recruiters. Somehow Gold managed to attend Drexel Institute of Technology — taking night courses in chemistry, and by 1940… he was a Soviet agent.

Gold was recruited by Jacob Golos — a Soviet agent born in Ukraine who had been exiled by the Czar into Siberia.

Golos had escaped to China and from Japan he reached San Francisco in 1910. He took work as a printer then moved his family to America. He then moved to New York City. From New York, Golos ended up in Chicago by way of California working as a fruit picker.

In 1926 Golos returned to his old country which was now the Soviet Union. Golos was a founding member of the Communist Party of the United States of America.

Golos returned to the U.S. at the behest of Jay Lovestone.

After many years of handling forged documents and passports through a Brooklyn office (where the clerk had a gambling addiction) Golos was recruited as a spy.

Working in a front agency — (World Tourists as its principle,) Golos was able to attend the celebrations in the Soviet Union of the Bolshevik Revolution.

When Golos returned in January 1938 from his last trip, he communicated to the political committee of the American Communist Party at session.

Golos had relayed that a massive secret police operation was ongoing in the USSR as Stalin purged millions. Golos had even recruited Ernest Hemingway. World Tourists in New York City was a front for Soviet spying.

Jacob Golos who ran the travel agency, experienced great difficulty after he recruited his lover and all-around Spycraft gopher — Elizabeth Terrill Bentley.

It appears Bentley was a double agent. She did not exhibit the exuberance of the true party faithful, but being very much lonely in her early life, she enjoyed the camaraderie of the Communist Party.

When Golos brought Bentley into his spy ring, his offices at World Tourists were raided by the Justice Department.

Agents had recovered documents which showed that Earl Browder, the leader of the Communist Party of the United States, had used a false passport. Justice arrested Earl Browder (whose grandson is involved in what should be Russia-gate for Hillary Clinton).

Golos became somewhat despondent and Bentley became his confessor. It was at this time that Golos exhibited signs of poisoning.

Justice officials approached Golos with a plea deal and his handlers in Moscow communicated to him to plead guilty (within his spy ring reports of bad behavior had made their way to Moscow. There were also reports of indiscreet spy craft [which was out of character].

Golos’ unusual behavior may be attributed to poisoning or the effects of drugs to suppress its symptoms). On March 15, 1940 Golos was placed on 4-month probation and received a $500 fine which would be about $8800 in 2018 dollars. He then had to register as an agent for the Soviets.

In the beginning of 1941 — FBI agents observed Jacob Golos exchange documents with Gaik Badalovich Ovakimyan — an Armenian who was undercover as an engineer at Amtorg.

Ovakimyan actually ran Golos. Between these two, Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico City under the orders of Stalin.

The United States Shipping and Service Corporation was actually the personal love-nest of Golos and his lover, Elizabeth Terrill Bentley (a chronic alcoholic)Elizabeth was placed in a high paying job as an officer of The United States Shipping and Service Corporation, and the two lived in the Commodore Hotel in New York City.

Amtorg was a semi-private joint stock company incorporated in America to function as the single purchaser for the communist-state, controlled by the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Trade. 

Amtorg was established by merging Armand Hammer’s Allied Corporation and two other entities: Arco-America, Inc. (which had a cooperative society in Great Britain known as ARCOS) and the Products Exchange Corporation in 1924.

Nine year’s before diplomatic relations had been established between the USA and the USSRAmtorg served as a Soviet Embassy in all but name.

It is most interesting to note that Armand Hammer and Averell Harriman were very close, especially when Harriman served as Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

The Harrimans were horse people and Armand Hammer knew the value of the Arabian stock that had been accumulated by the Czar of Russia prior to the revolution.

The Harrimans had bought the Belmont stable – it’s just too pat.

When Golos died, Bentley went from courier to spymaster, but there was mutiny in the ring and some of the agents were highly suspicious of Bentley (and had communicated that to Golos before he died). She would sometimes return with documents from Washington to New York and at other times, carrying microfilm.

Bentley was put in charge of a group led by Victor Perlo, the son of Russian jews, who joined the CPUSA while at Columbia University.

Perlo had been under Wittaker Chambers until the latter left the CPUSA.

In 1943 — Perlo entered into a vicious divorce, made bitter over the custody of his daughter.

In 1944, Perlo’s wife sent a letter to President Roosevelt naming Perlo and five others as Soviet spies. She was interviewed by the F.B.I. and it went no further.

In 1945 Elizabeth Bentley stepped into the F.B.I. offices in New Haven, CT. She told them that she was vice president of United States Service and Shipping Corporation and that the company was a Soviet front and a hub for intelligence gathering.

The agent in charge suggested she go to the New York office to become an informant.

This was the beginning of The Walk Away Movement after WW II. The Walk Away Movement after WW I was led by George Orwell and it may be assumed that his books had affected some of the communist spies in America.

Before the end of 1945, the F.B.I. had a 107-page statement from Elizabeth Bentley.

By July 1948 – Elizabeth Bentley was to appear before the HUAC. It appears as though the testimony was to be conducted within parameters drawn up by the committee itself. Members of the committee started to point to the jewish origins of these agents – they are known as racists or anti-Semite today.

Then came Wittaker Chambers.

A Grand Jury was convened and William Remington (who had been named as a communist  spy but had so far maintained his innocence) had made a blunder. He was recently divorced.

The Grand Jury Foreman – John Gilland Brunini, subpoenaed Remington’s ex-wife.

Under interrogation, Ann Remington admitted that her husband William was a communist spy who had delivered information to Elizabeth Bentley.

Bentley also testified saying that Remington was a communist, going so far as to say “we hated to let him go” when he stopped spying for Soviet Intelligence. Remington was indicted for perjury.

This is where Roy Cohn came on the scene as a government lawyer. Roy joined the prosecutorial team and Senator Joseph McCarthy was already in gear.

McCarthyism really wasn’t a witch hunt, it was just handled in a way that would make it fall on its face.

America never really solved anything with the McCarthy hearings but the attempt to expose the dangerous threat of Soviet spying and technical espionage, gave the left its perfect whipping boy and they were able to label conservative Americans as Nazis.

Prior to these hearings in June of 1949 – John McCloy ended his tenure at the World Bank. He then teamed with General Alvan Collom Gillem Jr. who had served in Siberia during WW I.

During WW II, Gillem was given command of the XIII Corps, 9th U.S. Army. He then chaired the Board of Utilization of Negro Manpower which recommended retaining segregation but introducing equal opportunity.

After testifying before the President’s Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services, McCloy became the successor of the previous five  Military Governors for the U.S. zone in Germany.

The position McCloy held until 1952 was known as the US High Commissioner for Germany. In this position, McCloy restored the property of Alfred Krupp and Friedrich Flick (German Industrialists who were convicted nazi war criminals)

Alfred’s father was born Gustav von Bohlen und Halbach in the Hague in 1870. His marriage to Bertha Krupp (whose father Friedrich had committed suicide) was arranged by Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II (who was the grandson of Queen Victoria of England…who was also the Empress of India).

Wilhelm II announced at the wedding, that Gustav von Bohlen und Halbach would be forever known as Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach.

Gustav had been a diplomat posted to the Vatican. He became Krupp’s Company Chairman in 1909.

Gustav was the grandson of General Henry Bohlen who fought in the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War.

Henry Bohlen had been living in the Netherlands and returned to America in time to raise a regiment of German-Americans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brigadier General Bohlen had also fought for the French in the Crimean War but his life was ended on the banks of the Rappahannock River as his men were attempting to re-cross after they had performed a reconnaissance in force.

General Bohlen was the great-great uncle of Charles “Chip” Eustice Bohlen who was born to Celestine Eustice Bohlen and Charles Bohlen.

Chip Bohlen was the middle child in this family of five. The family constantly traveled Europe when the children were young.

Chip’s maternal grandfatherJames Biddle Eustice, was a Senator from Louisiana and served as Ambassador to France  under Grover Cleveland.

After Harvard, Chip joined the U.S. State Department in 1929 and became a Soviet linguist first in Riga Latvia and then the Embassy in Moscow

During this period Chip met Charles W. Thayer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The two men shared an apartment in Moscow and when Thayer’s sister — Avis came to visit, Bohlen became enamored with her and the two were married in 1935.

The morning after the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact was signed, Chip Bohlen visited Hans von Herwarth, a German diplomat in Moscow and was handed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

The Pact outlined the understanding between Hitler and Stalin for dividing up central Europe, Finland and the Baltic States.

President Roosevelt was immediately informed. The United States did not inform anyone in the world about this and the F.D.R. Administration sat on the information and within one week, WW II had started.

One has to wonder what prompted Herwarth to bestow this information upon Bohlen.

During WW II — Bohlen would accompany Harry Hopkins on missions to Stalin in Moscow and he was Roosevelt’s interpreter at the Tehran Conference and the Yalta Conference for Truman.

Bohlen became a key adviser for Truman yet seemed to be soft when it came to the containment of Soviet expansion. He was U.S. Minister to France.

Ambassador George Kennan who was Bohlen’s mentor (both were members of the Georgetown Set) was declared persona non grata by the Soviet Union.

Kennan’s deputy took over and in 1953, Eisenhower appointed Bohlen Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Bohlen was not in sync with Allen Dulles (another member of the Georgetown Set) – so in 1957, Bohlen was appointed Ambassador to the Philippines – and for good measure, he was appointed to his maternal grandfather’s old post as Ambassador to France from 1962 to 1968.

 The Avis Bohlen Award was named for Bohlen’s wife Avis Howard (Thayer) Bohlen. The Award honors the U.S. Service Dependent who has done the most to advance U.S. interests.

The Bohlens had three children: Avis, Celestine and Charles Jr.. Avis became a diplomat and served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Paris and was also the Ambassador to Bulgaria and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for arms control.

Celestine Bohlen was a Moscow-based reporter for the New York Times.

Are we to believe that the Georgetown Set that included Bohlen, Kennan and Dulles could be so far apart on how to deal with the Soviet Union?

What we read in history is the story that these people wanted us to read.

The events are actually quite different from the news we are fed.

Mutual Assured Destruction – A behind the Scenes Game

John von Neumann died at the age of 53 in 1957. Prior to that, von Neumann been working with the Rand Corporation and was secretly in the Soviet Union.

von Neumann had been appointed to the Nuclear Energy Commission by President Eisenhower.

There are so many things that von Neumann had his hands in beyond nuclear energy, but here, the year that Eisenhower was elected, saw the Soviet Union explode its first thermonuclear hydrogen bomb. 

It has been said that von Neumann moved heaven and earth to ensure the doctrine of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction – which he originated).

It is not a stretch of the imagination to surmise that just like Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright and the transferring of sensitive technology to China and North Korea; the powers that shaped our world in 1953, worked behind the scenes to give the Soviets nuclear secrets for their hydrogen bomb (to prove they were not interested in any aspect of nuclear confrontation).

In the link below, please read the warrant for the Medal of Freedom which Eisenhower presented to Dr. von Neumann. In the second paragraph it says:

“through his work on various highly classified missions performed outside the continental limits of the United States in conjunction with critically important international programs, Dr. von Neumann has resolved some of the most difficult technical problems of national defense.”


Five years later in 1961 – as described in the link below:

The USSR exploded the largest, most powerful nuclear weapon in the world. In its purest form it would have been a 100 megaton bomb, but the builders substituted the 3rd-stage uranium cladding with steel. The weapon produced fewer radionuclides due to deriving half of its power from nuclear fusion. The half-bomb has been described as “ten times the combined energy of all conventional explosives used in WWII.”


In hindsight it becomes obvious the Soviets, who had attempted their first hydrogen bomb with stolen data, were helped by the premiere mathematician of the 20th Century. For them to come that far in eight years, is nothing short of miraculous. von Neumann’s partner — physicist Klaus Fuchs was named in a German documentary “The Father of a Thousand Suns” and while living in East Germany in 1959, he was visited by Qian Sanqiang and other Chinese physicists. The help the Chinese received from Fuchs resulted in a successful nuclear explosion in 1964.

High Crimes and Dry Martinis


The Georgetown set was very active — many intelligence folks and of course, the founders of Operation Mockingbird had one of their own OSS operators in a prominent, media post.

Phil Graham, the older half-brother of Governor Bob Graham (who was also a U.S. Senator) had been appointed by his father-in-law — Eugene Meyer, as Publisher of the Washington Post. (Phil Graham was the Editor of Harvard Law Review achieving magna cum laude. In 1939 through 1940 he clerked for Justice Stanley F. Reed of the Supreme Court and then he clerked for Justice Felix Frankfurter who attended his marriage and greatly impressed Phil’s in-laws).

It was Graham who herded the media for the C.I.A. and it was Graham who impressed upon J.F.K. to put Lyndon B. Johnson on the ticket in 1960.

In early 1963 — Graham had been caught by his wife — Katharine Meyer Graham, in an adulterous relationship.

President Kennedy had made his speech about secret societies in April of 1963. In August of 1963 — Phil Graham blew his head off with a .28 gauge shotgun. He may have had help. Three months’ later, the Georgetown set can be tied to the November 22nd assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Upon his death, Katharine Meyer Graham became the Publisher of her father’s paper — The Washington Post. She hired Ben Bradlee who had been Naval Intelligence. Bradlee was from a Boston Brahmin family with familial ties all the way to Queen VictoriaBen Bradlee’s middle name was Crowninshield.

In 1968 failed presidential candidate, Richard Nixon, triumphed over Hubert “I’ll eat my hat” Humphrey. The military viewed Nixon with distrust and Kissinger as well. Kissinger, a Bavarian who may have played a part in the assassination of General George S. Patton, restricted intelligence information being passed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The military placed their spies in key locations and one of them happened to be Henry Kissinger’s favorite stenographer.

Bob Woodward, a signals officer from the Navy became involved in delivering secret messages to the White House at this time. It was here waiting in the hallway, that Bob Woodward met the F.B.I. agent, Mark Felt, who was to become “deep throat.”  The two struck up a friendship.

Previous to this Pentagon duty, Woodward — a Yale graduate, whose father was the Chief Justice of the 18th Circuit Court, handled nuclear launch codes.

Bradlee hired Bob Woodward and Operation Mockingbird (in the form of the Washington Post) ran Watergate on America as an intelligence operation inspired by the likes of Prescott Bush and the Georgetown set.

There are no Princeton grads running in the ANTIFA riots.

Those demonstrating in the streets suffer from worthless educations with no application to the real world and fall prey to the likes of George Soros, a British intelligence operator. 

The C.I.A. was not happy in just controlling the news media from the 50’s forward to this day. Their elite masters were always seeking knowledge of the future (if for no other reason than to make a killing on the stock market).

After Nazi Germany emptied out into Canada in what is known as Operation Paperclip, mind control experimentations — sponsored by British intelligence (and their minions in the Central Intelligence Agency) were perpetrated on unsuspecting individuals and patients in Canada’s psychiatric hospitals.

These mind control experiments included the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard who had broken through what people call Rosicrucian astral projection.

In 1986, Bob Graham was the Governor of Florida and he was preparing for a run for the U.S. Senate. This was the heyday of the Mena, Arkansas crowd which was importing drugs while pointing fingers at the “Cocaine Cowboys” in Miami, Florida.

A more significant event was happening less than twenty miles from the corporate offices of the Graham Diary. The future owner of the Washington Post, significantly tied to the Central Intelligence Agency, graduated from high school.

Born to Ted Jorgensen and Jacklyn Gise on January 12, 1964 — Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen arrived two weeks after Jacklyn’s 17th birthday, while she was still a high school student.

Jacklyn’s father was Lawrence Preston Gise — a Director at the Atomic Energy Commission at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

After a divorce, Jacklyn married Miguel Bezos. Her father, who Jeff was named after, impressed upon Jorgensen to give up all rights to the child and to cease his child payments. (It would be interesting to find out what Ted Jorgensen’s I.Q. was – he has since passed away. We could surmise upon finding a high I.Q. in Ted that he was used as “breeder stock.”)

Miguel was able to escape communist Cuba and come to America to start a new life and the Bezos family grew.

In Houston Texas after moving from Albuquerque — Miguel was employed as an engineer for Exxon. (The Rockefeller Foundation supported nuclear physicists in Europe prior to WW II with grants. Exxon Corporation is descendent from Standard Oil.)

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend in high school was a German girl from Hamburg.

Hamburg figures prominently in Rosicrucian history. It also figures prominently in 9/11 — Mohammed Atta attended a mosque in Hamburg Germany where he was MK Ultra’d.

The neo-liberal bent of Amazon/Washington Post is apparent on its face.

The newest SVP at Amazon is Jay Carney — President Obama’s press secretary at one time. You will never find any information on Jay Carney’s parents because they are intelligence operators. Jay is an expert in Russian affairs and is fluent in Russian.

These are the new Georgetown set. They are the same as the old Georgetown set and it doesn’t bode well for America as they box us up and ship us down the river.

Interesting note: Bezos acquired the Washington Post for $250,000,000 in 2013 – that translates into $268,426,000 in 2018 dollars.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.41.00 AM
Here’s Hollywood-inspired propaganda. BEZOS IS the CEO. And he’s NOT Cuban-American


1 Thessalonians 5 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

But, brethren, of times and moments ye need not that I write to you.

For ye yourselves know diligently, that the day of the Lord shall come, as a thief in the night.

For when they shall say peace is, and secureness, then sudden death shall come on them[a], as sorrow to a woman that is with child, and they shall not escape.

But, brethren, ye be not in darknesses, that that day as a thief catch you.

For all ye be the sons of light, and sons of [the] day; we be not of night, neither of darknesses.

Therefore sleep we not as others; but wake we, and be we sober.

For they that sleep, sleep in the night, and they that be drunken, be drunken in the night.

But we that be of the day, be sober, clothed in the habergeon of faith and of charity, and in the helmet of hope of health [clothed in the habergeon of faith and charity, and in the helmet, hope of health].

For God putted not us [put not us] into wrath, but into the purchasing of health by our Lord Jesus Christ,

10 that was dead for us; that whether we wake, whether we sleep, we live together with him.

11 For which thing comfort ye together, and edify ye each other, as [and] ye do.

12 And, brethren, we pray you, that ye know them that travail among you, and be sovereigns to you in the Lord, and teach you [that ye know them that travail among you, and be before to you in the Lord, and admonish, or teach, you],

13 that ye have them more abundantly in charity; and for the work of them, have ye peace with them.

14 And, brethren, we pray you, reprove unpeaceable men [reprove ye, or chastise, unquiet men]. Comfort ye men of little heart, receive ye frail men [receive ye sick men], be ye patient to all men.

15 See ye, that no man yield evil for evil to any man; but evermore follow ye that that is good, each to other and to all men [but evermore follow ye that that is good, together and into all men].

16 Evermore joy ye;

17 without ceasing pray ye;

18 in all things do ye thankings. For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus, in all you.

19 Do not ye quench the Spirit,

20 do not ye despise prophecies.

21 But prove ye all things, and hold ye that thing that is good. [But prove ye all things, hold ye that thing that is good.]

22 Abstain you from all evil species. [Abstain ye you from all evil species, or likeness.]

23 And God himself of peace make you holy by all things, that your spirit be kept whole, and soul, and body, without plaint, in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

24 God is true, that called you, which also shall do [work of grace in you].

25 Brethren, pray ye for us.

26 Greet ye well all brethren in holy kiss.

27 I charge you by the Lord, that this epistle be read to all holy brethren.

28 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

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