Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco Treat Puts Martha Stewart’s Goulash To Shame

“If Not For The Aggravating Fact of Junk Food, The Homicides Might Not Have Taken Place”

Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading at the same time it was legal for Senator Dianne Feinstein to trade on her “insider” knowledge. You must see it as it actually is: “We’s and Them’s.” Comey sent Martha up the river for the justice department — (Kmart was never the same).


George Moscone and Harvey Milk were both Naval Officers. (There is a ship named after Harvey Milk today.) George Richard Moscone played basketball (basketball scholarship) for most of his young life. He became friends with a man — who at that time, was an up and coming political powerhouse in California politics; one of two brothers — John Burton.  Young John Burton impressed upon Moscone to run for a state assembly seat as a democrat, in 1960. George lost his race, but this became his baptism into California politics.

In 1963 Moscone won a seat on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors and became a proponent for the oppressed masses. In 1966, he represented the 10th District of San Francisco County in the California State Senate. At this time, the “Burton Machine” was where California politics was molded for the future that we have today.

It was in 1965 that an MKUltra operation called “Midnight Climax” (which included a safe house in San Francisco as well as a number of other cities in the U.S.) was wrapped up. George Hunter White — a former officer with the OSS (which is the Office of Strategic Services), had conducted these experiments on the unsuspecting public in San Francisco, (off and on since 1943 in cities across the nation) which now included various drugs but mostly — LSD. This is a direct correlation to the rise of LSD usage in San Francisco (Haight-Ashbury) and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The whole city of San Francisco in the 1960’s became one big CIA experiment. (We now know that the CIA was operating under the orders of the DEEP STATE and in the case of MKUltra it was a need-to-know basis only. Other previous projects were consolidated in 1953 by Allen Dulles and the project was named MKUltra.)

San Francisco has a leg up on Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s closer to Sacramento and there’s plenty of money around there (the Bohemian Club is a whistle stop on the underground railroad of national politics).

California became the 31st state in 1850. Previously with sleight of hand, territory wrested from Mexico became the Bear Republic (Mexico had chosen not to establish a large population in its territory.) The year before statehood, gold was discovered laying on the ground at Sutter’s Mill.

This is where the west started to move on the east. The establishment was thwarted over time by the western moneyed interests. Even though both groups were controlled by [DEEP STATE] elites in foreign nations, through banking entities. These elites were  holding both reins which enabled them to play one side off the other with focused goals. The Bohemian Club was founded in 1872 by journalists and had secondary memberships for actors. Nevada is a direct offshoot of California; at the time of its statehood (October 31st of 1864) Nevada did not have the required population for a territory to achieve statehood. The Civil War [War Between The States] demanded precious metals — so we traded a slavery divide for a divide between gold and silver as money.

Here is an example of how California is a place full of people from somewhere else: The N Judah is a muni-metro light-rail line in San Francisco which is named after Theodore Dehone Judah. Judah, born in Bridgeport, CT  was the son of an episcopal clergyman. The family had moved to Troy, New York. After attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute he became a civil engineer and worked for the many rail lines in the northeast United States.

Judah had been hired by the Sacramento Valley Railroad which was the first rail line west of the Mississippi river. He became known as “Crazy Judah” for believing trains could run those treacherous and weather-affected mountains and passes in the Sierra Nevada. (People had traveled over them in horse and wagon, or on mules to get to California, said to Judah’s idea: “you have got to be out of your mind.”)

As chief engineer of the Central Pacific Railroad, Judah surveyed the route. The railroad was to be built. Unsuccessful in raising funds for the undertaking, Judah left San Francisco for Sacramento; there he made contact with four investors. They were named thereafter: The Big Four. Three of these folks were also from New York: Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker. Collis P. Huntington was from Connecticut (Huntington had come west and made a fortune as a merchant during the Gold Rush of 1849.) This is how Sacramento was the original western terminus of the transcontinental railroad (in California).

The proposed construction was to take place during a most turbulent time in our history. The War Between The States — a product of the divide in the house of representatives. The main impediment for the proposed eastern portion of a continental rail to the west (between the north and the south), prior to secession, was a proper vote not able to be mustered to pass the railroad act through congress, so the railroad languished in Washington D.C.. This was frustrating to many… moneyed individuals seeking to profit in every manner, shape and form. The foremost surveyor of the proposed railroad routes west (from the east), was none other than Jefferson Davis who led the confederate states. This was the beginning of theatre in America. You can’t snooker the public without good magicians.

California’s Role In The Civil War


The Burton brothers were born in Cincinnati, Ohio. John’s brother, Phillip — was born in 1926 and John in 1932. Phillip was just 30-years old when he won his first election to office — California State Assembly, 20th District (where he served from 1957-1964). John was a member of the California State Assembly for 8 years (1965-1974) and then again from 1988-1996.

John was Chairman of California Democratic Party from 2009-2017. In 2008, John settled a ten million dollar ($10,000,000+) sexual harassment lawsuit brought by his Foundation’s  Executive Director, Kathleen Driscoll “I had a dream of helping homeless children through a job I loved, John Burton turned that dream into a sexual harassment nightmare and quite frankly, a living hell.” All this attempted “free love” happened at the John Burton Foundation for Children without Homes. (Someone could be close to child trafficking here.)

Phillip Burton received a law degree from Golden Gate University School of Law, which was founded as the YMCA Evening Law School, in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. (The tenderloin district has long been associated with the seedier side of life throughout time.)

Casper Weinberger taught a course at the YMCA Evening Law School at the exact time that Phillip Burton was a student. Casper is the son of ” Bohemian Jews” and he was born in San Francisco. You will see that people get their polishing from those who have gone before them, and when associations and whatnots are rehashed in the future, some of the mojo of yesterday… is supposed to rub off on the new breed.

Cap Weinberger was a republican but he was from San Francisco. The San Francisco that the Burton’s sought to develop was a rainbow patchwork of diverse groups. Please see the evil intelligence operators (who may or may not have been working for a foreign government) and through them, you see San Francisco and what it was to become today. (This was all planned before the baby boomers got out of diapers).

Britain has exported its intelligence operators through many societies and organizations. One of their exports to France was the Freemasons and they turned the Frenchmen on one another, rather than fighting a war with them. Then they mobilized Napoleon with the bankers and finally fought the war they could win. Here is another organization run by The City of London: The YMCA — which was founded by a Londoner — George Williams, who had a business in the City of London. On June 6, 1844, (for those of you who don’t keep track of history — June 6, 1944 WAS D-DAY at NORMANDY; the ultimate YMCA bathhouse was the BLOODY NORMANDY BEACH).

The YMCA is the basis for the modern bathhouse in western society. Behind the scenes, an underground movement was started worldwide by the FOP boys in Britain. Sir George Williams is buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London on the highest point (like the Acropolis).

Williams is honored in the nave at Westminster Abbey with a stained glass window, we see the YMCA today allows all people in its door (just like London today). If you want a deal on stab vests for your children, we have them imported from Israel by Rothschild’s Wraps Inc. (Nah, the joke’s on them). Everybody wins a trophy at the YMCA today – there is no prayer; so therefore, it’s the equal of the Anglican Church.

Moscone was instrumental in legislation that was signed into law by Governor Ronald  Reagan. Prior to Roe v. Wade, California was the only state out of 50 where abortion was legal. It is safe to say, the “Burton Machine” was satanic in nature.

Harvey Milk moved to the Castro district of San Francisco about 1972. He owned a camera shop and one of his boys in the camera shop was Bill Kraus who had moved to San Francisco in 1976. Ten years before, Kraus had graduated from St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Run by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, St. Xavier is the largest all-male school run by the Society of Jesus in the U.S. It’s the oldest high school in Cincinnati. The Jesuit order (who ran the school) became a lightening rod of criticism in their earlier history (about the time that Freemasonry appeared in France) and almost have brought upon themselves the disrepute associated with the Templars.

Judas Iscariat was the 13th table setting on the shroud of Turin. He was the holder of the common purse as Jesus and his apostles traveled about. The Templars became the holders of the purse. Travelers could journey from Europe to the Holy Land (the sabbatical of a lifetime) with a piece of paper from the Templars in Europe which was good as gold on the other end from the Templar banker/money changer in Jerusalem. When Phillip IV of France moved against the Templars, he did so on Friday the 13th. (He must have had the first “Q” working for him.)

Joseph Stalin (the man of STEAL — he’d sell your last breath to the next one) ordered the infiltration of religious seminaries across America and also our  institutions of higher learning; specifically, through a homosexual agenda.

The shepherds have lead astray the flock. The teachers have lead astray the students and the socialists/communists/anarchists have dealt us the hand that we suffer today.

Kraus then attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. for a semester and it appears as though he passed the muster of some dark-force undercurrent, as 1966 was a watershed year in America’s colleges. He then returned to Ohio State (University), and eventually received his masters.

Beginning in January of 1976, gay bathhouses became safe spaces as sodomy laws were repealed in California. The first such law in the Nation, Consenting Adults Sex Bill went into effect January 1976.

Gay bathhouses in San Francisco and the superheated AIDS epidemic can be considered GROUND ZERO here in America for some weirdo sexual fantasies. The AIDS epidemic created a hostile and militant homosexual community and the AIDS epidemic was a tool (just like Hitler’s ovens) you have to realize, there are good jews and there are bad jews. A bad jew is the worst. God made them smarter than the rest of us. (Harvey Milk may just have been one of the first sufferers of the aquired-immune deficiency disease known as AIDS).

At the same time that Harvey Milk lost a bid for the California State Assembly, “they” founded the San Francisco Gay Democratic Club. (The Gay Democratic Club would be renamed the Harvey Milk Democratic Club following Milk’s assassination by Dan White. Bill Kraus would eventually become president of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club. At the height of the AIDS awareness and as the gay lifestyle had unleashed an epidemic upon its participants, Kraus urged the closing of bathhouses in San Francisco. For this, he was labeled a sexual Nazi. Kraus was to die of AIDS in January 1986 at the age of 38).

Dianne Feinstein was appointed to the California Women’s Parole Board by a San Francisco-boy who was Governor of California — Pat Brown (Jerry’s daddy). In 1969, Feinstein was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Twice she ran  unsuccessfully for Mayor of San Francisco. In 1975, she lost a chance to go against George Moscone in a run-off by 1 percentage point.

Dan White was also on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He enlisted in the Army in 1965 and was discharged from the Army as a Sgt. with the 101st Airborne Division after  serving in Vietnam from 1969-’70. A 1-time security guard in Alaska, Dan became a San Francisco police officer, only to resign after reporting the misconduct of another officer. (Sounds squeaky clean, doesn’t it?) Dan then joined the San Francisco Fire Department.

The San Francisco Chronicle labeled Dan White “The All American Boy” after the rescue of a lady and child from the 7th floor of an apartment tower. Dan had three children and he was a democrat. MKUltra knows no party and doesn’t recognize any religion except the demon. (The San Francisco Board of Supervisors became theater conducted from the Bohemian Grove — founded by journalists, staffed by actors! [The Feinstein’s turned Harvey’s assassination into a very profitable arrangement. Mr. Feinstein is actually Mr. Blum… small fries like fat Leonard, get caught]).

Newspapers were all too willing in 1977 to go to work in this Operation Mockingbird drama of the All American Boy fighting the homosexual agenda (represented by Supervisor, Milk). This particular election brought the most diverse board the city had ever seen, and also assigned districts to each seat on the board.

Carol Ruth Silver (from a jewish family in Massachusetts) had become a FREEDOM RIDER in 1961.

She is quoted as saying that “over half of the Freedom Riders that she knew, were jewish.”  You then must realize today, these were the radical, jewish leftists of the 60s.  At the time they were heavily financed and even to this day, they are heavily financed. Silver, was also a member of the “Burton Machine” (as was Willie Brown). Leftism was to become the religion of San Francisco.

The most diverse board the City of San Francisco had ever seen, was actually all democrat. The mayor was a democrat and even the conservative, Dan White. This was all controlled by the democrats and they didn’t have to get two parties to work this out. There were many acrimonious debates between Dan White and Harvey Milk (son of Lithuanian Jews).

Another Bay area church group had moved to Guyana (juncture of CIA meets democrat deep state, foreign operators) which has a strong anglo-history.

MKUltra has a strong anglo-history as well. Canadian MKUltra-like experimentation resulting from Operation Paperclip, post WW II (the Nazis were much respected for mind control and mass hypnosis [they didn’t have a TV set in every house — you better wake up America!]). Guyana had originally been settled by the Dutch who had proven themselves to be the worst colonial rulers in all of history. (One day, we shall see that these Dutch and British connections go all the way to the top).

Jim Jones took a bunch of San Francisco’s nuttiest people (MKUltra and copious amounts of drugs, San Francisco was CIA Shake ‘N Bake) with him to Guyana. (At the same time this San Francisco theater had another stage come up from level 3).

Dan White had resigned his seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (because he had been made to resign his position as a City of San Francisco firefighter. White was not allowed to collect two paychecks from the city) and then, wanted it back. All this playing in the media — the Jonestown mass-suicide and Dan White “I want my seat, no I don’t want my seat, yeah I want my seat.” Well they handed Dan White his seat.

Nine days after Jonestown mass suicide of a bunch of MKUltra’d citizens of San Francisco, someone flipped Dan White’s switch and Harvey Milk and George Moscone were assassinated and the perpetrator (we are to believe) was Dan White. Does this sound as if many loose ends are tied up much too neatly? All with the accompanying tragedy being used to the utmost visual (the public’s minds-eye). This is a Ray Bradbury story, directed by some Russian movie director. You can’t make this stuff up.

In 1978 the “Burton Machine” comes apart yet does not come apart – Willie Brown is still alive, Carol Ruth Silver is still breathing, Feinstein is still alive, Phillip and John Burton are still alive, along with Bill Krause (Nancy Pelosi is in the wings, along with Sala Galante Burton) and everyone goes forward into a new day, lead by San Francisco.

John Burton

A small side line in this intel operation run on America:  Democrat Congressman Leo Ryan, a staunch opponent of the CIA and it’s domestic terrorism, from California’s 11th Congressional district, was “shown the door” in Guyana. Supposedly, Jones’ “hench-people” had murdered Leo Ryan, who was all too aware of the CIA and their DEEP STATE machinations. People are really stupid! This sold newspapers like alternative media which is listener-supported in one manner or another. Truly, our predecessors let this slide by. If you were a cosmic distiller, and you could place all the political essence into a bottle, San Francisco-1978 would out-sell any jolt on the market.

Please for a moment, imagine through all this that Harvey Milk is actually an intelligence operator who had been recruited while an officer in the Navy, specifically for his homosexuality. Dan White appears to be the MKUltra patsy who was portrayed as the all American boy (and later suicided himself). John Burton’s man — Moscone, was a patsy. The death of Moscone allowed Dianne Feinstein to become Mayor of San Francisco after the assassinations. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein [Blum] had maneuvered herself to launch her political career from her seat as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

(Nancy Pelosi’s father – Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro, Jr., never served a day in the Navy but was known to be closely associated with Naval Intelligence. [A staunch supporter of the Zionist movement, in the days when Israel was made a nation.] Another example of this is Jackson Stephens [who never met a muslim whose money wasn’t good]. Stephens had his hands in everything but what should be focused on here, is the stolen Promis software and backdooring banking software for the NSA. [Hillary Clinton had been on the Stevens payroll as a lawyer for the Rose Law Firm.] Stephens was Jimmy Carter’s roommate at Annapolis and never served a day in the U.S. Navy because he had bad eyesight. Americans have bad eyesight, and Naval Intelligence is still in the business of running intelligence operations against us. [Bob Woodward, Watergate?])

After the assassination, the legend of Harvey Milk continued to grow and 40 years later, Harvey is a bigger martyr to the gays then what JFK represents to the whole of America. (Then came the twinkie defense).  y2BDPd7m.jpg-large

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.21.33 AM

Of course we know that Twinkies had Madison Avenue behind them.

But who was behind The New World Liberation Front? When the CIA created all these nuts in San Francisco they had to have a place to keep them. The New World Liberation Front appears to be the place where they kept Johnny-Come-Latelys to the Weather Underground in 1970’s San Francisco.

They were supposed to be the most technologically advanced Marxist bombers in the nation. Their largest failure was a bomb placed on Dianne Feinstein’s windowsill.

Below is a link from these CIA generated Weather Underground people and much like the above cartoon, you can catch a trace of John Podesta-like artwork. “What’s in your closet, John Podesta?” (R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart)

Click to access 514.SLA.Dragon9.Jun1976.Periodical.pdf

Bill Kraus had Harvey Milk’s replacement in the wings and he impressed upon Dianne Feinstein (San Francisco’s new mayor) to appoint Harry Britt (another homosexual) to the Board of Supervisors.

The people who founded Bohemian Grove and Bohemian Club and who ran San Francisco politics, were also running the radicals (left over from the 1960’s). They were the ones who ran the hippie movement and the drugs, (and please do not forget… it was the CIA and their 1-way mirrors in San Francisco with LSD, before it became a commonplace drug).

John Phillips best known as the founder of the Mamas and the Papas had attended the U.S. Naval Academy for 1-year and his father was a Marine Officer from WW I. John and Lou Adler ran the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival on which Woodstock was based. Adler was most famous for bringing the Rocky Horror Picture Show from England to America.

This is ALL INTELLIGENCE which was run on San Francisco, one after the other. First, it was: co-opt the politicians on both sides with the Bohemian Grove, then it was: the counter-culture movement and the drug epidemic, fueled by free-love, arranged after the Kennedy assassination. Here’s food for thought: LBJ was the patsy there. He took the fall — not able to run in ’68 because of the upheaval in America.

But really… Dianne Feinstein is the shining example of MKUltra in politics, and lo and behold… the Alsace Jews in San Francisco (who are instrumental in the founding of the Bohemian Grove and the Bohemian Club in San Francisco) are lining up behind Gavin Newsom (Nancy Pelosi’s nephew by marriage) today. But before that happened, Phillip Burton one of the “Burton Machine” brothers died and was replaced by his wife, Sala Galante Burton who had been born in Bialystock Poland in April of 1925 (she was an April fools baby!) Her jewish parents had fled before the Nazi invasion of Poland while Sala was 14 years old. Ms. Galante worked for the NAACP and met Phillip Burton at a California,  Young Democrats Convention in 1950.

Phillip Burton was the grand old man of California politics. In 1976 this half of the “Burton Machine” missed becoming house majority leader by 1 vote, losing to Jim Wright who would go on to become speaker of the house. The first speaker in U.S. history to resign under ethics.

This MUST NOT go unmentioned: Jim Wright’s main aide was a young man named John Mack who happened to be the brother of Jim Wright’s son-in-law. Sixteen years prior to being the most powerful aide in the U.S. House of Representatives, John Mack had been sentenced to prison for violently beating Pamela Smith with a hammer and stabbing her in her neck after she refused to lie down for him. He then stuffed her into the trunk of his car and went to see a movie. She survived the attack. This is where the news leaves gaps — any other day in the past, we would have known what movie he was watching. (Nowadays, Hollywood goes into some of the most sinister, dark and evil places, some wise ass’s mind can track to.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 4.38.55 PM


Upon Phillip Burton’s death in 1983 (a few days after Sala’s birthday) Sala had won a special election, winning 55% of the vote in a field of 11 candidates. Mrs Burton replaced her husband in the house — June 28th of 1983. She inherited Phillip’s right hand man, Bill Kraus: the liaison to the homosexual community.

In 1986 — too ill to take the office for another term, Sala entered the hospital where she died on February 1st, 1987. Her campaign chairwoman was Nancy Pelosi and the legacy of the “Burton Machine lived on — as Nancy Pelosi became the U.S. House Representative from California’s 5th district on June 2nd, 1987. The intelligence community sought to harness the homosexual rage which had been cultivated in a seedy, underground movement, spawned from the “free love,” drug-induced, coma that the CIA perpetuated for the Bronfmans and the people who own the Federal Reserve System (who profited from the drugs and have made themselves rich on the misery of millions for centuries). It is the biggest of criminal conspiracies run by a royal family that encompasses all of Europe.

The people who own the Federal Reserve System have roots in Frankfurt am Main.  Today, these people hold titles in England which is run by a family of German Royals masquerading as the Windsors when their name is actually Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. (Do we have to keep writing this? Or is somebody going to finally learn this in the main stream, like Seb Gorka? ) Nah, don’t worry about Seb — he works for the Rothschilds. Same goes for Steve Bannon – he works for them and is partnered with the mercenaries who are raised up in America.

Recall when Steve wanted to run Eric Prince for Senate out west? Bannon is a real pawn who gives every appearance of being a free thinker. He may think he’s thinking freely, but he’s freaking run by intelligence operators.

While attending a 2017 Roy Moore event, there were plenty of intelligence operators to go around. I saw the same people running Bob Gray’s campaign in Georgia. Sawgrass from Tallahassee which tells me that Peter Schweizer is not who we think he is. (The December “Moore Get Together” is where Paul Nehlen was ran off the rail, it is not a stretch to believe in the world of politics, that he was made to go that way to destroy an independently wealthy candidate).

These people are working for others. It looks good on the outside, but these people are just more of the DEEP STATE. Schweizer was associated with The Hoover Institute — this is the same place that James Mattis went to work after he called Obama an “unwiped ass.”  

The only good I’ve seen come out of Hoover is Thomas Sowell. Schweizer also went to Oxford University in England. Every single person who is schooled in England should be placed under a microscope… for life. Bill Clinton never graduated his program at Oxford, but we can see what he graduated to in America, after riding all of that cocaine into Arkansas.

Bannon wanted to take credit for Trump as if he was a king maker. Trump was smart enough to can him and Seb, and send them on a mission (because they work for other people). Once Bannon and Gorka were gone from the White House, the leaks stopped.

Bannon has sought to run every angle on conservatism: Sonnie Johnson, Seb Gorka, Milo Yiannopoulos, and of course — Jerome Hudson, who cut his teeth at Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute in Tallahassee, Florida. Schweizer has collaborated with Casper Weinberger (our good old San Francisco Bohemian Jew —  that is the staying power of the DEEP STATE.) If we do not take the blinders off and learn from the past – please equate Andrew Breitbart’s assassination as another intelligence operation inwhich his message has been co-opted… but, you will not be able to determine that unless: a) you’re looking for it, or, b) you understand how the DEEP STATE works.

This is a bigger tent than the right needs. Alex Marlow’s wife is 13 years his senior. Seb Gorka’s wife is 10 years his senior. Does anyone see a pattern? Can’t tell you how many times have we heard Alex Marlow speak about being an upstanding moral man who’s never cheated on his wife (positioning himself for a political run?)  Also in the upstanding category is John Nolte – another one married to an older woman.

Marlow’s brother-in-law, Jenson Button, is a British Formula One race car driver and lives in Monaco. (His mother — Simone, is a South African now married to a Mr. Lyons, but the family was raised in England.) Princess Grace (from Philadelphia by way of Hollywood) has a son who now is the Prince of Monaco (Albert II – one of the wealthiest royals in the world) and his wife is also from South Africa. Obviously, we have a lot of ends which need to be tied up. People do not have the ability to discern the intrigue of the foreign elite, which translates to our present political instability.

I can tell you as a victim of MKUltra — it is real. Between political operators and lawyers like this who can dream up a Twinkie defense, Dianne Feinstein and the  MKUltra operation which launched her political career are sitting in front of you like a Sandy Hook or any number of Las Vegas’s or WACO’s. 

We must see them for who they are and say — “we have had enough of the operators”  please realize, these modern people who you (may or may not) watch on the boob tube every day, familiar faces, in whom you assign your own personal narrative to explain the current situation — really don’t know who they are running for. They are just running. Seb Gorka is a phenomenon from Hungarian parents. Anything from Europe MUST be suspect today. Otherwise, our revolution to separate ourselves from their SCUM, was for NOTHING.

Steve Bannon and Raheem Kassem spent a good portion of time earlier in the year in Hungary. Antonin Scalia died at a Hungarian Hunting Society and was a member of an elite club of 850 members worldwide which was founded in the Bohemian Club in San Francisco.

Seb Gorka wears his father’s award and has started using a title of lesser nobility. We are here to tell you America — there is no king but KING JESUS! If we don’t get our nation back, we will be lead astray.

Steve Bannon and Breitbart are not what they seem. We will have an upheaval in America and as the dust settles, we’ll have a new group of faces, run by the same crew of elites. Once in power with their people, we’ll be back to the exact same stuff. The dawning of a totalitarian dictatorship.

The media has become the news. The mainstream media and the conservative talking heads have entered into the news cycle themselves; it’s their arena. They walk from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, reporting on this story and that. The job title of journalist has been turned into propagandists. Focus – Bofus. Justice department officials, members of the bar, were going to bug the President of the United States — just like the FBI bugged the mob in New York City —  it’s the same lawyers. They have changed their job description and have added black ops and Senior Executive Services Inc..

Rod Rosenstein, the man who appointed Mueller after the Comey firing that Rosenstein himself directed, did not have the authority to appoint Mueller. He had not been before the senate for confirmation of full powers of the attorney general. The action of recusal did have history. Once upon a time, deputy attorney general James Comey, appointed a special prosecutor to go after Scooter Libby (another case of CIA SOREASS). President Trump has pardoned Scooter Libby and now President Trump will be more than able to point out the den of snakes that the department of justice has become. Blurred job titles and an  apathetic public are a recipe for bread and circus.

It’s one thing to be called anti-semitic but if you are a racist that means you hate black people and your career is effectively tanked (politically). When you see Prince Harry come out with this black bride and the journalists around the royal family pipe up from their perch and say “jewesses and AfriKans are not respected for their figure” you see the marriage of the blacks and the radical jews. You are not able to talk about who rules you! Obviously in America, even with as bad as Barack Hussein Obama is and was and may become again, he did not RULE America. It is the moneyed banks of Europe, the money changers from Frankfurt am Main. They use this to take the spotlight off of themselves, the marriage of racism and anti-semitism rolled into one big ball of wax.

When Andrew Breitbart died, there were loose ends that could not possibly be cleaned up other than from inside. Andrew Breitbart did not die in his office which was then rifled by someone frantically searching for incriminating evidence.

No, the people who took over from Andrew said, “oh, he was in bad health.” The pedophile information that seemed to be leading into DC circles, never came out.

“What’s in your closet, John Podesta?” has been the Sword of Damocles over these people (so here we have the (a) PODESTA group battling the (b) BANNON group — for want of a better word. They are both being run by the same folks) who are generating the political instability in the United States at this moment. Therefore, child trafficking and its associated sins, which may be the only sin worse than abortion in the United Sates of America… feed the witchcraft from Salem.

If Salem wasn’t about witchcraft, why do they gather there every year? It’s not voodoo, it’s not black magic, it’s not oriental mysticism. It is the haters of the Catholic church who sprang from the “controlled” anglican religion which must invert a Catholic mass to snub God and empower demons.

If the democrat party was to be disbanded tomorrow, do you think that it would go away? In name only — as soon as a viable party was to be started, the same group or type of characters would seek the reins of power within its structure. Replacements of equal-to or worse-behavior, would rise up. The only way to show them just how small they are is to round them up and put them all in one place.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 2.31.22 PM

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