NGO’s and the seeds of destruction

Storm clouds have been seeded in American politics — the community organizers will not go away. No one really expected them to have a protracted fight against Trump.

If there really was a ground swell against the Presidency of Donald J. Trump – it would have been an immediate reaction.  If there were a massive amount of people who had not voted for this president, they would have taken to the streets immediately.

No… the left has had to build this from the ground up. It takes money and a lapdog media which is a RICO in and of itself. So therefore, we must actually take a look at the ACORN nut himself – Barack Obama and his aide-de-camp (no not Michael) Valerie Jarrett;  Michael’s old boss and current roommate – they just can’t get enough of each other. (Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you’re just an acorn).

31% in America fear civil war  – that is almost the exact percentage of patriots in our Revolution. The Colonies at Independence were split 3-ways; Patriots, Loyalists and non-committed. We are there today.

Prior to the end of his second term, Barack Obama shut off the radiation detectors nationwide in 2015. His government admitted that these sensors were turned off. They would not say when they were turned off. Before they admitted they were turned off they held a massive “exercise” known as Jade-Helm15.

Please think about the hatred that Obama has fomented in America and remember it was under his watch that:

all in anticipation of the rise of Hillary Clinton.

There is one thing that ties Hillary and Barack Obama together in a neat bundle more than anything else – Saul Alinsky. So as these leftist turds agitate and tempt conservative Americans to take action… what is it that they hold behind their back?  Was it secreted in remote locations during Operations Jade-Helm in anticipation of a doomsday plot to reorganize America in their image?

If there is a revolution, it should not be fighting in the streets, it should be the round-up of these leftist leaders and financiers. In other words, we must strike the head and take their leadership or run the risk of these leftists, releasing weapons of mass destruction against the United States, so as to overpower our society and Constitution.

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