It Takes A Village? (International Crime Syndicate)

Rode-em State Department: Best Deals!

Muammar Gaddafi was a Libyan revolutionary who led a coup of army officers and deposed the Senussi Monarchy. The Senussi’s had battled colonial powers while attempting to achieve political purity with muslim politics.

Through his years in power — Gaddafi flirted with governmental systems, socialist republics… all the way to privatization – while at the same time, thumbing his nose at the old colonial powers.

Despite a bloodless coup in 1969, Gaddafi was known to be ruthless in enforcing his brand of nationalism upon any dissident factions within the country. Hillary Clinton’s shadowy Department of State proved more ruthless than Gaddafi. Everyone recalls “we came, we saw, he died” followed by her classic cackle.

Gaddafi had apparently ticked off the wrong people as he careened between relationships with the former Soviet Union and the succeeding Russian State and – of course, his up and down relationship with the United States of America.

The USA bombed Libya in 1986 – a complex operation using Air Force F-111’s 1 was shot down by a surface to air missile and Naval forces A-6’s and F-18’s. The Air Force’s stealth F-117 was scheduled to debut in this operation but was scrubbed to maintain secrecy at the time. Gaddafi completely surrendered his nuclear program to the USA after seeing Saddam Hussein removed from power and hanged.

By 1971 Libya was becoming a terrorist training ground for disaffected communist trash from around the world. Gaddafi was in cooperation with the KGB and Soviet military intelligence “GRU” (which became the Russian Federation GRU).

Less than one month away from the 42nd anniversary of the White Revolution in Libya, Gaddafi was targeted by one of CIA’s drones, which delivered Hellfire missiles (effectively destroying his convoy) leaving him to hide in a drainage ditch, under the road. John Brennan was more than likely behind the drone at the behest of Ms. Clinton and her shadowy adviser, Sidney Blumenthal.

The Panama Papers released in 2016 show the involvement of Sidney Blumenthal, Tony Podesta and John Podesta with a financial fraternity linked to Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Vladimir Putin was also a client.

In August of 2008 Russia attacked Georgia to assert authority over two Georgian provinces which had expressed a desire to join with Russia and secede from the country of Georgia. The economies of these provinces were centered around criminal activity. They also represent seaports on the Black Sea and a gateway to the Middle East.

Here we see global chess – where Putin and Medvedev took advantage of the 2008 election year in the United States, then Soros attacked our financial sector in October of that year. Around the world, other nations have pinned the tail on Soros’ ass; here in America, he is protected and amplified by the media.

Soros did not work this overnight. It had to take the passage of Dodd-Frank to subvert the middle class before the real estate bubble had burst. The restriction of credit in 2007 led to a 30% devaluation of the stock market but was facilitated in the 1990’s by Bill Clinton, tinkering with the Federal National Mortgage Association and sub-prime mortgages. (By 2002, Fannie and Freddie had covered $3Trillion in mortgage credits.)

The Clinton Administration poured out of the White House, like cockroaches. The Clintonistas filled the ranks of Fannie and Freddie like blood suckers, setting up America for progressive misery. If we follow the money trail of TARP [$700B], Stimulus [$787B] and the transfer of wealth in the Affordable Care Act, a lot of the same actors come to the fore. September 11, 2001 and the crash of 2008 were the one-two punch of Cloward-Piven.

Peter Derby was a founding officer in Dialog Bank – one of the first commercial banks in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Derby is an American of Russian descent. Playing the charade game of separation of the commercial banks from capital markets business… Peter founded Troika Dialog. 

Troika Dialog became a big player – representing international companies, investments, restructuring, market analysis – but one of the very first positions, was financial advisor to Izvestia. This organization in 1992 Russia, was the largest information service (Russia’s largest newspaper). The first order of business was to control Russian media. The crumb trail leads to the banks.

Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia in 2000 and sought to control the nation’s largest companies. Gazprom, a company founded in 1989 under the Soviet Union was the extractor, producer and transporter of natural gas, specifically to Europe. Formerly known as The Soviet Ministry of Gas Industry – the government holds a majority share but Gazprom today… is technically private (more of the charade).

Putin fired the Chairman of the Board of Gazprom, then voted out others and replaced them with Dmitri Medvedev and Alexi Miller.  At this moment in time, Hermitage Capital Management became involved, (specializing in Russian markets). Hermitage Capital Management was an activist fund. The company’s mission was exposing corruption within the companies it was holding.

At this point in time, the fund’s cofounder – William Felix Browder, (his grandfather was Earl Browder and former leader of the Communist Party USA) grew up as a jewish kid from Chicago yet managed to hook up with Vlad. Gazprom in 2005 purchased Izvestia and by November of 2005, William Browder was blacklisted by the Russian Government as a threat to national security.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.47.35 PM
This is a screen shot of a Washington Post article – July 18, 2017. The Story Must Be Told. Hermitage Capital is mentioned but the CEO’s name is omitted because he is the grandson of the former Leader of the Communist Party USA. It muddies the waters. This shows the total construct of the news through the CIA-affiliated news organization. This is deep state news.

William Browder represented a modern example: during the 1930’s under Stalin, Russia advertised in newspapers and publications across the United States – for skilled-labor, machinists and assembly line workers. Many goofy, disenfranchised, socialists within the nation (having read the glowing reports of Soviet Russia in the New York Times) set sail for the socialist paradise.

Like the Axis armies that marched into mother Russia, these dreamers disappeared into the gulag as they were then absorbed into the bloodlines of post war Russia. Alexi Miller is of German blood as well as Herman Gref (President and CEO of Sberbank since 2007). Can we liken these Russky-Germans to the ones we moved west into Canada during Operation Paperclip, such as, Wernher von Braun?

In June of 2007 – Hermitage and its law firm were raided in Moscow, resulting in one employee hospitalized for two weeks after being severely beaten.

Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky was a partner at the legal firm of Firestone Duncan. This Russian law firm was cofounded by Jamison Firestone, (Tulane Law School 1991) along with Terry Michael Duncan, J.D. (George Washington University) who lost his life in 1993 when he involved himself in street demonstrations and took a head shot for his effort.

Sergei Magnitsky is the impetuous for the Magnitsky Act which is formerly known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012. 

Hermitage taunted the Russian Government by YouTube video, accusing it of fraud as its Russian infrastructure was dismantled by paramilitary thugs. William Browder’s legal representative (Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky) was then arrested in Moscow – accused of tax fraud and imprisoned where he died November 16, 2009… seven days before he was due to be released. He was a Ukrainian.

Troika Dialog struck a strategic alliance with Standard Bank Group. Standard’s roots go back to London in 1862 but the bank today considers itself formed in 1962 as a South African subsidiary of the British overseas bank – Standards Bank, known as The Standard Bank of South Africa.

The British branch of the bank was involved in diamonds and gold. As the South African subsidiary got its legs in 1962 – the London Bank became Standard Bank Ltd., which merged in 1969 with the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China – becoming known as the Standard Chartered Bank.

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China originally made money on opium importation to China known as The Opium Trade.

Standard Bank in 2009 – increased its shareholdings in Troika Dialog to 36.427%.

In 2011 – Troika Dialog and Gazprombank (3rd largest bank in Russia and was the purchaser of Gazprom Media in 2005 including NTV and Izvestia newspaper from the bank’s parent, Gazprom – the Russian gas company) were the lead managers of the Bonds for Uranium One; the Canadian company with worldwide holdings, including the United States.

Lawyers, guns and money.

Russia is the ultimate buyer of Uranium One (a Canadian company with deep ties to the Clintons and their network of foundations. Serious negotiations over 3-years were preceded by a flurry of backchannel communications and payments — all designed to grease the skids when needed.)

(Sberbank is the Russian Bank which was registered to lobby Washington D.C. through Podesta Group.) Sidney Blumenthal was exposed through email traffic communicating with Bidzina Ivanishvili, a Georgian billionaire. This all came out with a Hillary email dump. All these names appeared in the Panama Papers… except for Hillary.

The Clinton criminal cabal [The U.S. Department of State – “shadow CIA”] worked its magic in Georgia’s 2012 election and replaced a U.S. ally [President Mikheil Saakashvili, who sought membership in NATO] with Bidzina Ivanishvili, [who just may have been Vladimir Putin’s candidate].

Georgia was financially destabilized under Ivanishvilli as US aid money poured in. This is how the American taxpayer is being raped by the elites of the world; supranational elitism.

Sid Blumenthal was known for making connections through his work with the Clintons. Was it possible he was an agent for any foreign entity?

Sidney (a former journalist at “The New Yorker”) is a real piece of work. President Obama (influenced by Robert Gibbs and “heavy hitter” David Axelrod) had specifically objected to any employment of Blumenthal at the Department of State.

Hillary Clinton did an end-around and used Sidney as an off-the-record adviser (on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation for $10K/month – Hillary’s private intelligence agency) who was also (without any security clearance) privy to Top Secret information via Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Sidney was the Joseph Goebbels of Hillary’s State Department (his personal involvement in journalistic rot, almost single-handedly propped up Bill Clinton’s decadent Administration, feeding print media. Blumenthal was the most eloquent apologist, propagandist, and bag man).

Mr. Blumenthal was the “spin” for Hillary. This gets us around to Benghazi… everybody knows it was a video? Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Major General David L. Grange U.S. Army Ret., Sidney Blumenthal’s son – Max (Max Blumenthal turned them on to the video which at the time, had less than 100 views) all colluded on this contrivance fed to the American people by a complicit media.

It was Blumenthal, Grange and Nuland who dreamt up the talking points (which lying Ambassador Rice carried on to numerous TV shows the Sunday after the 9/11/12 attack on a CIA annex).

Grange was CEO of Osprey Global Solutions and Osprey Armament, he was also with Osprey Relief Foundation. Osprey was turned on to the contract by Blumenthal operators (ex-CIA). The contract was with the anti-Gaddafi-Transnational Council “TNC.”  Blumenthal directed Hillary Clinton to give special attention to TNC while she was in Turkey negotiating for the removal of Colonel Gaddafi with Libyan opposition. The story is… Osprey lost money on the contract, but these are the same types that had set up Nugan Hand Bank a generation ago, at the behest of OSS/CIA opium/drug  runners.

A little known email from 2011 – was one of many withheld from multiple committees conducting investigations, into the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, and two former Navy Seals (making an extra buck) lost their lives, and the actual perpetrators walked free. Stonewall was the only way to describe the people covering up around Hillary Clinton in any and all investigations. A true conspiracy to prevent the facts at a time that was inconvenient for Democrat politicians.

Underlying issues and actions in Benghazi (along with a complicit media and a truant FBI investigation) point to a deep state conspiracy to protect President Obama who was the media’s candidate for reelection. The FBI had an abysmal record of service to the nation – outside of our borders. It is more reminiscent of a paramilitary arm of the deep state.

Back to (Jake Sullivan’s) little known email. You may remember Jake – (from his direct negotiations with the Iranians and you can almost say “he’s the daddy of the Iran deal.”)

Jake’s involvement in the extermination of a head of state actually precedes the date of the email in 2011. Consider the illegality performed outside the Central Intelligence Agency with a hodgepodge of contractors and pseudo-contractors, resulting in the extermination of another nation’s executive (Colonel Gaddafi).

The CIA is precluded by law from X-ing the EXECS. Mr. Sullivan’s email that surfaced in 2015 plainly shows Mrs. Clinton in negotiations with the Russians to drop any opposition to a U.N. “no-fly zone” on Colonel Gaddafi’s Air Force.  Also – Sullivan reminded Ms. Hillary of her work in gaining cooperation from Jordan, Qatar and Turkey to provide advisers and support in the overthrow of Gaddafi, to be used as talking points.

Everything that Sullivan did was geared toward a future election of a criminal and murdering Mrs. Clinton. The optics up to and including Huma Abedin handing Hillary a Blackberry, on a CBS set with the camera rolling – notifying Hillary of Gaddafi’s capture (see YouTube CBS news video) building a narrative of her infallibility – until Benghazi. (Not satisfied to run a criminal element from the West Wing of the White House [in the 2nd Clinton term] she was enabled by a Manchurian Candidate to run her own CIA.)

Blumenthal, Nuland and Grange fed Jake Sullivan the story of the video and Sullivan ran it up to Hillary Clinton who trotted out Emmet J. Rice’s daughter – Susan… a Rhodes Scholar.

Oxford has produced many operators who have returned to do mischief in America. Bill Clinton, being the foremost product of British recruitment, was Susan Rice’s boss. Susan knows about as much of geopolitics as does Condoleezza Rice.

Susan Rice was Bill Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Prior to that, Rice was Director for International Organizations and Peace Keeping with the NSC where she was an abysmal failure: unable to declare genocide in Rwanda, feckless with the debacle in Somalia (which was laid at the feet of Les Aspen).

Rice was paralyzed in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Liberia due to politicizing every crisis for an outcome. In 1998 – Rice was unable to provide protection for the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya which were simultaneously attacked… over 200 people were killed (12 of which were Americans).

In congressional testimony – Senator Susan Collins of Maine was quoted “when I asked Susan Rice she told me she wasn’t expecting a question on that” (Rice had previously ignored a June letter from The U.S. Ambassador to Kenya – Prudence Bushnell, citing terrorist threats.)

Bushnell informed the State Department that it was endangering the lives of Embassy personnel in Kenya. Rice stated “she would have to refresh her memory and go back and think about it.” She then said “she was sure she was not involved in turning down any requests for additional security.”

Senator Collins could not imagine no memory of such a horrific attack. This would suggest Susan Rice may be a psychopath (or perhaps an MK Ultra upbringing is responsible for this behavior).

Tremendous pedophilia in the halls of government is being uncovered, and is simmering on the back burner. (Would it be a stretch to think that Susan Rice is just an old fashion slice of pie?)

Susan is married to Ian Cameron – a Canadian subject to the Queen of England. The two met while at Stanford. Ian has been associated with George Stephanopoulos and the ABC Network.

Rice’s father – Emmett, posted to India as a Fulbright Fellow in 1952 where he worked as a research associate to the Reserve Bank of India. Emmett Rice had been an officer with the Army Air Corps during WW II and had attended UC Berkeley. Was Emmett Rice recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency? Or perhaps he was schooled in Fabian Socialism as India was run by a Fabian aficionado: Jawaharla Nehru, India’s 1st Prime Minister?

Nehru was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Inner Temple and  was called to the bar in 1912. Tutored under Gandhi, Nehru was acknowledged by Gandhi to be his successor.

The Constitution of India was enacted 2 years before Emmett Rice arrived at The Reserve Bank of India.

After six years as an Associate Professor of Economics at Cornell University, Emmett Rice lands in Nigeria (another crown colony in turmoil) as that country formed its 1st government – a republic.

Shortly thereafter, Emmett hires on with the Treasury Department and becomes (as is quoted in many places) an expert in monetary systems of developing countries. This leads to the mother of Susan Rice (Lois Dickson Rice). Early in her career and marriage, she worked for The Ford Foundation as a program officer.

The Ford Foundation had been pointed out as a front for the CIA in the 50’s and 60’s. The same CIA that ran Operation Mockingbird upon the U.S. Media at this same time  (The ABC’s CBS’s and the NBC’s and various print media trumpeting CIA’s line. This is how a popular president like John F. Kennedy can be assassinated and outright lies stamped with approvals can be fed to the American public with success. The Warren Commission went unchallenged for all practical purposes.)

The Ford Foundation is where the father of former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (Peter Geithner) worked. (Prior to the foundation, Peter Geithner served with the U.S. Agency for International Development in the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe and also in Washington, D.C.)

Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama’s mother) worked for Peter Geithner, handing out micro-loans in Indonesia. (Did Mochtar Riady get a micro-loan from The Ford Foundation?… and if he did, was it built into Lippo Group (placing Bill Clinton in the White House [with foreign donations] in 1992 and 1996?)

In 1995 Forbes Magazine reported six new billionaires – all were partners in Salim Group – one of them was Mochtar Riady.

For that matter… could it be that the Riady family (Worthen Bank [Little Rock, AR – home of ACORN] and BCCI) was enriched to bring cash when the United States had been readied for this moment, through Arkansas banking connections [ultimately leading to Jimmy Carter’s Annapolis roommate – Jackson Stevens] who employed lawyer Hillary Clinton?

500,000 people lost their lives during the CIA sponsored coup in Indonesia. Let that sink in. The CIA (not the people, who are patriots) has made a career of putting unlikely characters to work in its intelligence charade.

Are Barack Obama, Timothy Geithner and Susan Rice all in the same boat with Macron in France? Trained puppets of the Rothschild crime family? Ms. Rice served in the Clinton Administration under the tutelage of Strobe Talbot. Strobe, you will recall… while a student at Oxford and with future President Clinton — traveled to Russia without passports. The trail of death starts there, under the guise of sex and drugs and rock-n-roll.

Susan Rice’s mother – Lois Dickson Rice, who incidentally died at the beginning of this year (before Obama surrendered) also had a position at Brookings  – controlling Pell Grants.  Want to know why student loans are run as they are today? The British bank has raised its head on American generations to come.

Strobe Talbott –  Director at Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, (Yale University) prior to that –  he had translated somebody’s memoirs out of Russia and spent 22 years as a journalist with Time Magazine.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 5.03.43 PM

Strobe went on to become Deputy Secretary of State with other titles (like a British Lord from Oxford)… Yale ’68, Oxford ’71 and assumed the presidency at Brookings in July 2002 (the old home of Susan Rice’s mother) and the same time Susan Rice joined Brookings.

“After my election, I have more flexibility”




The Democrats have a penchant for promoting incompetence. Victoria Nuland was confirmed by the Senate in a voice vote to her new position as Assistant Secretary of State Euro/Eurasian Affairs (9/2013 – 1/2017). Within the Senate – that day of the voice vote, no one raised a question as to her involvement in the lies and deception of Benghazi in 2012.

During the Clinton Administration, Nuland was Chief of Staff to Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott before moving on to serve as Deputy Director for former Soviet Union Affairs.

During the George W. Bush Administration Nuland was a Deputy Foreign Policy Adviser to Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Nuland was appointed U.S. Ambassador to NATO before taking up with the Obama Administration. Just before her appointment as Special Envoy for Conventional Armed Forces in Europe – her husband, Robert Kagan, joined Brookings Institution as a senior Fellow on U.S. National Security, Foreign Policy and U.S. European Relations.

Kagan served in the State Department from 1984-88 and was a principal speech writer for Secretary of State George P. Shultz. Kagan also served as John McCain’s Foreign Policy Adviser. Since 2011 – Kagan has served Secretaries of State, Clinton and John Kerry as a member of the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board.

The dance around the May pole by academia, governments, intelligence operators and banking entities which control the organs of media, must be struck down. This is the deep state that works tirelessly against our President as he tries to improve our standing in the world economically, militarily and most significantly – our moral standing.

We cannot allow these people to triumph as they have spun a web over all mankind.

Isaiah 25:6-10

And the Lord of hosts shall make in this hill to all peoples the feast of fat things, the feast of vintage of fat things full of marrow, of vintage well-refined. 

And he shall cast down in this hill the face of [the] bond, bound (al)together on all peoples, and the web which he weaved on all nations. 

And he shall cast down death [into] without end, and the Lord God shall do away each tear from each face; and he shall do away the shame of his people from each land, for the Lord spake. 

And they shall say in that day, Lo! this is our God; we abided him, and he shall save us; this is the Lord; we suffered him, and we shall make full out joy, and shall be glad in his health. 

10 For why the hand of the Lord shall rest in this hill, and Moab shall be threshed under him, as chaffs be stamped in a wain. 


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  1. Failed Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary jihad Clinton from her association with the students for a Democratic society communism and anti Vietnam un-American activities to the obstruction of justice and violation of then president Richard M Nixon civil rights denial of council destruction of documents white water career criminal but the most unreported and seditious atrocities go back to 57 Member OIC organization of Islamic conference UN resolution to establish blasphemy laws globally disarming both American constut


    1. Thanks to The Lord of The Bible that she did not get elected. DJT is far from perfect, but…he is far better than her. Maranatha


  2. We all heard of these events one by one but you did a great job putting them all together and giving them true meaning.


    1. We have learned to rely on God for direction in so many things in this life. We have to confront evil which has subverted America on so many levels. Thank you and we hope you find our blog useful in the future.


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