4-Star Globalism

Now we know that ANTIFA has European origins, and it is funded today by NGO’s and European governments.

When Soviet Russia collapsed, communists in Europe and America (especially in the inner cities) carried on the communist march of  “1-step forward, 2-steps back.”

America’s military has been a victim of this globalist infection.

Perpetuated by officers who have never led an all-American force into a major theater of battle.

The grooming began under George Herbert Walker Bush (remember his “new world order?”)

In 1990 and 1991 a huge globalist get together occurred in the middle-eastern desert. The end result of this war allowed Saddam Hussein to survive in Baghdad. Hussein flourished and enriched European leaders through the U.N.’s Oil For Food (scam.)

We again sent forces into the desert, this time traveling to Baghdad under the command of a Skull and Bones son of Bush 41, (Skull and Bones) and his Halliburton/KBR buddies.

General Kelly should have stayed in 2nd Marines in 1971, where he would have made a mediocre Gunnery Sergeant. The Marine Corps at that time was filled with mediocre Gunnery Sergeants.

The CIA had been coopted by global masters and they in turn had overtaken the Marine Corps by placing generals into CIA positions such as “Deputy Directorships,” then returning them to the Marine Corps.

Another pain-in-the-ass-globalist product from the Marine Corps today is former Secretary of Defense — General James Mattis.

Mattis should have never made it out the 81MM Mortar Platoon of Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines in 1973. (These two generals may have succeeded in doing what has never been done before: the destruction of the United States Marine Corps — which seems to be paralleling the destruction of the FBI, CIA, and State Department.)

The United States Marine Corps had been the tip of the spear for Naval Intelligence (before we had a bonafide intelligence network).

Today, the United States Navy takes a knee over the COVID virus while the United States Marine Corps seemingly births generals who are more comfortable with the democrats.

Would these generals rather be led by Joe Biden?

No respect for Kelly, no respect for Mattis and no respect for any other officer who thinks they can outthink President Trump. They allowed Obama to rule with an iron fist which was quite apparent in Benghazi in 2012, and of course the year before that — when SEAL Team 6 was eliminated in one fell swoop.

If they could outthink this president they would not be generals in the military seeking an ass-kissing from subordinates on a daily basis.

Secretary Mattis and his warrior monk B.S. is likely cover for his gayness. Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 1.20.46 PM

It was a non-bid contract with Amazon that was his undoing. Amazon and the Washington Post are not really our friend. (No big secret about Jeff Bezos and his links to the CIA through Amazon and the Washington Post.)

General Kelly actually seemed better suited for homeland security than his last position as chief of staff to the president.

Trump’s idiosyncrasies are more in line with General George S. Patton and General Douglas MacArthur; petulant leaders instead of automaton globalists that suit democrat leadership.

These generals do not understand Trump’s method of dealing with the insane media as he negotiates a path above their shark tank.

Kelly and Mattis have lived in a vacuum and they are not leaders — they follow orders. We see today that they are following the orders of the globalist elite which controls the media.

The cabal of 1-world pukes in opposition to President Trump can only result, (as it stands today) in a Biden presidency.

These two former Marines are political nitwits essentially led by their nose-rings. Enjoying their “godlike status” like a Brahma bull in a Hindu society, albeit they still have the nose ring.

Mattis spoke up as soon as President Trump revealed his plans to pull approximately 9,000 troops out of Germany. Then Kelly came in as his back up. Recently Liz Cheney came out against this same plan, (as if it would be bad for America to abandon Germany.) Germany has been a pain in our ass since the days before Karl Marx. Please recall: The German royalty that rules England used German mercenaries against American patriots who were in revolt against the British elites.

It is plain to see what kind of world these generals have in mind for the future. They think globalism is the solution to the world’s problems.

The history that General Mattis has missed, should not be our downfall. The Greeks were conquered by the Macedonians and the Romans were conquered by what we call barbarians; therefore, we cannot afford to have an America where Kelly and Mattis hold the gates open for our destruction.


2 thoughts on “4-Star Globalism

  1. Excellent, and very well written Barefoot. Will pass on and post elsewhere. A very sad day in our country when some revered generals outwardly stand against their Commander-in-Chief, which means they have betrayed their oath(s). I just hope that aren’t too many more.

    Liked by 1 person

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