Don’t Be A Creep! Buy A Freep!

In August 2016, a judge in Cook County, Illinois, applied the 1st Amendment to the case regarding the recently arrested and accused sex-trafficker, Carl Ferrer. Mr. Ferrer could have avoided all this trouble if he had been more active donating to the DNCC or the Clinton Foundation (which appear to be one in the same).

When they say “I’m with Her” they are talking about a slice of the pie, a piece of the cake, a scintilla of the “action.”

The Cook County, Illinois Sheriff caused Visa and MasterCard to stop honoring this glorified pimp’s transactions in his county inspiring the judge to break out the 1st Amendment against the Sheriff.

The United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations subpoenaed Backpages’ CEO, Carl Ferrer in 2015 – wanting to know everything about the company’s operations, business model and what types of screens are in place for potential ads and profits.

Specifically, the Senate’s subpoena was requesting all documents relating to the use of a Tor browser or any other browser offering anonymity in “onion routing,” where Backpage would post its advertisements. (The smut people who brought us their “modern 1st Amendment” as interpreted by the courts, are now the cause of anonymity guaranteed under our 1st Amendment to be redefined.)

Ferrer refused to comply with the Senate; the Senate voted for contempt. Carl Ferrer made a rather large mistake by not giving the government its “cut.” Mr. Ng, an associate of Bill Clinton (and Hillary too) has no problem traveling internationally because he had practiced, greasing the skids.

Example: Jeffrey Epstein moved $3.5 Million to Bill Clinton in 2006 after the FBI and the Justice Department quashed their investigation at the behest of Bill Clinton’s lawyer, Ken Starr  (investigators had photos of Bill with either boys or girls). In any case, it must have been so devastating to make the FBI investigators turn their heads, in a disservice to the Constitution of The United States – which represents all Americans. (They don’t like Christmas, and they’re pissed).


Afternoon stroll: Woody Allen, pictured right, has been spotted strolling on New York’s Upper East Side with millionaire child sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, left. Allen’s 42-year-old wife Soon-Yi is center

The truly “connected” sex traffickers are going scott-free and Mr. Ferrer is offered up to the public as a “job well done.”

Understanding the 1st Amendment and the journalist guardians of it today, let us turn to the outstanding history of The L.A. Free Press. It starts with radio. Pacifica Foundation (Pacifica, California) was founded by pacifists and conscientious objectors to WW II. Founded in 1946, KPFA in Berkley, commenced broadcasting activities in 1949. It is the world’s oldest listener-funded radio network. Public radio was born.

Pacifica Foundation is a non-profit corporation with national headquarters in Berkeley, California. (Its archives are housed at KPFK in Los Angeles, California.) KPFK began broadcasting in 1959 – ten years’ after KPFA (Berkeley) was founded. Pacifica’s KPFK is one of the most powerful FM stations in the western United States.

1963 saw the very first Renaissance Faire in America – run by KPFK, as a fundraiser for public radio. Art Kunkin and his original Freep staff were affiliated with both the L.A. Free Press and KPFK. The Village Voice was the role model for The Free Press (which first appeared in 1964 at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and May Market – “The Faire Free Press”-  this was the 2nd renaissance faire sponsored by KPFK.)  Envision a PsyOp.

Art Kunkin, founder of the L.A. Free Press, (The “Freep”) had all the credentials that Lee Harvey Oswald possessed. A 36-year old, unemployed tool & die maker, and former organizer and business manager for the Socialist Workers Party and its newspaper, The Militant. The first paper was a microcosm of socialism itself: the outside pages were cute and cuddly, while the inside contained underground community news and reviews.

Circulating a brochure at the end of the Faire produced enough interest to put the paper on the street, weekly – in July 1964. In true socialist fashion – unpaid volunteers produced the Free Press. The same cadre worked with Kunkin because he was involved in a political commentary radio show on KPFK.

The Free Press did well over time and took on professional staff and editors of the counter-culture type – but for some reason, Art Kunkin was induced by some force, to run the business into the ground. His editor lead a revolt, causing fierce competition to The Free Press in the form of The Staff : the other counter-culture paper in L.A..  It too, didn’t last.

Kunkin had taken out loans with a major L.A. Sex industry publisher who also advertised in the L.A.Free Press.  He became the new owner upon default. Kunkin stayed on as editor, but the paper degenerated into sex ads. Before its final demise in the late 70’s, it was purchased by Larry Flynt who, eventually, shut it down. The L.A. Free Press had a rebirth in 2005. Steven M. Finger became publisher in 2006.

Larry Flynt and Reverend Falwell were never friends. Falwell sued Flynt because Flynt and a group of editors and lawyers, had met in Los Angeles, debating an AD Parody, suggested by Michael Salsbury, which featured (celebrity) Compari  customers relating their “first times” drinking the popular liquor.  (Compari derived its color from the COCHINEAL, a new world insect, coccum – latin meaning berry which is actually an insect yeilding scarlet dye giving Compari its crimson color. The common name is “WOOD-LOUSE” – think the Rugged Cross.) A double entendre at play. In the Ad, Falwell was quoted as saying “mom looked better than a Baptist Whore with a $100 donation” which did not endear Mr. Flynt to Mr. Falwell.

The jury decided that Flynt & Hustler intended to inflict emotional harm – doing so in a way, that offended decency. The jury awarded $100K in compensatory and $100K in punitive damages to Falwell. As the appeals went on, they finished at the Supreme Court in December 1987. Two and a half months’ later, Chief Justice Rehnquist announced, by unanimous decision of the Supreme Court, a reversal of the jury’s award of damages to Jerry Falwell.

Today, Larry Flynt and his 1st Amendment cases are studied by 1st year law students. He is invited to speak at universities across America and held up as a “hero of free speech.” The embodiment of the 1st Amendment today: defending pornography with his every breath.

XXX is satanic and symbolic for the Three Crosses on Calvary Hill, turned over on their sides.

America was founded upon Christian ideals.  Religious freedom beckoned settlers before the Bill of Rights was ever envisioned and our forebearers sought a new beginning to separate themselves from where Europe was descending:  a vast, spiritual wasteland.

European-humanist thought can be summed up today as the “politics of the sexual minority.”  Searching, with an ever-ready dollar to secure for themselves, the pleasures they seek on earth.

Magnus Hirschfeld – The Father of Transgenderism

Sexual minority is the “cause du jour” in Hollywood – the cause du Jour today in Washington DC is MENA. No, not the Mena where the coke came into Arkansas. Our President wants to create a new minority in America with his importation of Middle Eastern North African Muslim immigrants.

To be sure, our academics have been working hard indoctrinating America’s youth entrusted to them for education. Back in the 60’s, they were anti-segregation and today, they are for the segregation of blacks.  While MENA, becomes a reality. The U.N. seeks to rearrange your neighborhood as if it is the furniture of its house.

Larry Flynt (a public speaker in demand) summed it up correctly when he said for ALL TO HEAR in a Supreme Court hearing: “Eff this court, nothing but 8 assholes and a token *unt.”

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